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Danny Uchechi

Saw he came off the bench for Hendon yesterday. Was really supposed to be something when he was at Charlton. Managed one game in the league and a dozen in Scotland.

I wonder what on earth happened to him. Still playing, but now at the 7th tier of English football.


  • I liked him as a player. Failed the height test though.
  • Watched a lot of him this season. Pretty skilful and intelligent but hasn't delivered the goals that our other Hendon wingers have. He's looked ok on occasions in centre-midfield but is generally a bit too lightweight for that. Been injured a fair bit and I'd be surprised if he was with us next season. Seems a nice enough bloke and we often have a quick chat when I'm cleaning the changing rooms after the game!
  • He was too focused on becoming a star and less so on improving his game - he added me on Facebook many moons ago. Nice lad, not as good as his lifestyle at the time tried to suggest.
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