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Will we win the play offs?

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So unsure but sadly I say no.


  • What?
  • Will we what when the play offs ?
  • No
  • I believe if we win the first round.... then we will get promoted.
  • My concern is that lack of skill we have for the championship (Div 2). So let’s have fun for the next two matches and hopefully the third at my local football ground.
  • Yes - I’m confident
  • Absolutely
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  • Only if I don’t go to, or watch any of the games. ‘You never win when he’s here, you never win when he’s here.’
  • I am convinced we will. This is our year.
  • I am not convinced, but a day at Wembley would be a fabulous thing to look forward to.
  • Yes we can.
  • IdleHans said:

    I am not convinced, but a day at Wembley would be a fabulous thing to look forward to.

    Tube from North Greenwich. Easy peasy.
  • Any of the 4 can. I hope we’ll be spared the Wembley heartache but with Bowyer in charge and new owners next season I’m optimistic that we’ll be good either way.
  • I have Robins nesting in my garage, 5 x eggs ready to it a sign?
  • Yes.

    Lord Bowyer said so.

    And I believe him.
  • Wouldn't read too much into today, some players rested and i think once they knew Plymouth were dead and buried they didn't put too much effort in.

    Of course we can win the play offs, the results since Bowyer took over prove that. I would much rather be us coming into the play offs almost as a bonus after the dire performances under KR, than be Shrewsbury who in a lot of other seasons would've gone up automatically, and who have already faced disappointment once this season by losing the shitty Checkatrade final at Wembley.
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  • edited May 2018
    No, purely because the minge that is Roland hangs above our club like an unwelcome minge of a black cloud.

    If we do, I will happily be proved wrong and have a tattoo done on my chest.
  • SE23 said:

    So unsure but sadly I say no.

    You're usually wrong, so I'm pleased you said that :smile:
  • No doubt at all.
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