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Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson has been taken to Hospital after falling ill... Will be having surgery later this evening

Hope all is okay with him


  • Just heard the breaking news on the radio. Sounds very serious.
  • Brain haemorrhage apparently

    Hope he’s ok
  • Hope he's ok. Being a born winner may help.
  • Doesn't sound good. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.
  • Good luck Sir Alex
  • Fuck sake. He looked really well with Wenger on Saturday. Fingers crossed.

    That's what I thought too. Awful news.
  • Brain haemorrhage....get well soon.
  • He said something years ago that has always made me a bit concerned for his wellbeing once he retired about how he was too old to retire. In a similar way that people who have smoked for 60 years are probably going to do themselves more harm than good by quitting.

    I hope he is on the mend, one of the genuine last giants of the game.
  • You only have to see the amount of clubs and players who've tweeted about him to show what his names means in the football world. Hope he gets through it.
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  • Good luck Sir Alex
  • Stay strong Sir Alex fight with all you have thoughts and prayers with the ferguson family
  • Best wishes to him.
    Long road back, even if all goes well.
  • Procedure went well and he is recovering in intensive care.

    Best wishes Sir Alex
  • Always hated Man U but sir Alex transcends all that. Unbelievable manager and I hope he pulls through
  • Get well soon, Sir
  • We know he's a fighter, so he will hopefully pull through and make a full recovery.

    Best wishes to Sir Alex and his family.
  • Somber mood in the Manchester boozers at the mo.
  • Get well soon Sir Alex
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  • Hopefully he wins this battle in Fergie time. Greatest manager of my lifetime. Get well soon Sir Alex.
  • Met him back in the day. Top manager

    He is the only manager in my view who achieved great things both in the modern game and also against the likes of Clough and for Aberdeen.

    Unique in my view.
  • Great man, great manager, keep fighting Sir Alex
  • Shocking news, as it was so sudden. Fingers crossed he makes a full recovery
  • Took over Utd just before I became a teenager, a huge presence in football ever since. Proper legend and the most successful domestic manager ever. Get well soon.
  • Best wishes to Sir Alex, get well soon.
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