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Gulliver’s Land

Anyone been there (Milton Keynes one)


Anyone stayed in the tents / lodges Village?

Anyone know if they have Sky Sports in the village? :-)


  • When a few years ago, kids loved it but very easy to empty your pockets, easy from M1, I'd give it about 6/10 at that time but I think they've spent some money on it recently.
  • P. S. Didn't stay over but there is a nice lake very close.
  • Took my special needs Daughter there about 7 years ago and she loved it plus went to the Christmas special they did then. Very easy to get and found it good for my Daughter,didn’t stay there
  • Yes been there twice in the last few years...Very run down last went (December 2016)...and most of the thrill rides if you can call them that, were not running. It is too tame for thrill seeker children.
  • Cheers @Chippycafc have read the run down view elsewhere. It’s aimed at children up to 12 so not expecting big thrills
  • Imagine if Roland ran a “theme” park, imagine how much he’d spend keeping it up to date, relevant, clean and safe....
    They’re shockers, both of them....but I’d imagine young kids wouldn’t notice?
  • LenGlover said:

    I won't ask if you are auditioning to be a Lilliputian :wink:

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.
  • I hope Charlton are not moving there
  • I’ve been loads, kids loved it there up to a couple of years ago, there are loads of rides for younger children and family rides, the cycle monorail is exhausting though just warning you lol. There’s rarely any queuing and the price is reasonable too, also never had any problems parking.
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  • I’m thinking of going today with the family. Any tips.
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    I’m thinking of going today with the family. Any tips.

    Yes, you’ll get wet on the log flume an for your own sanity avoid my family like the plague:-)
  • Fancy a pint mate
  • Hope you guys and families have a good day,it’s certainly a hot one. I’m just up the road at Towcester racecourse watching my horse run
  • Hi All anyone of thinking of taking there kids there. I would actually recommend it if they are under 12. We had a really nice day. Didn’t have to really que that long considering it was hot and bank holiday. I probably go again but would stay over the night and do the splash zone. My little princess got bored a because of the two hour drive there but once she arrived she loved it. Ps Lads here a tip for you. Take your sunglasses with you if it’s hot. There only two words to discribe milf city. Is Simply Lovely
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