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CL Predictions League: Week 34 (Last week)

And so, through the trials and tribulations of the long season we commeth to the end.

The first of our predicting athletes has used his Knowledge wisely throughout this endurance race. He knew the short-cuts, the difficult fixtures to avoid and refused to select games south of the water. He has just entered the stadium with only one more lap to accomplish. There is a sizeable gap to his uber-friendly competitors in pursuit, each one of them needing to find a hotspot in their predictions this final week to close the gap. All @Taxi_Lad needs to do is just keep ticking over guv.

Away from the elite-predicting athletes, there is a whole heap of fun-competitors, life’s losers and also rans clogging up the predicting pavements. This is where it comes down to mental toughness. Who has the desire to finish strongly? Who wants to register a 20-place rise in the final week like @cblock did with his 7pts last week? And who is already on the plane and on their way to the beach and drunken shenanigans?

Last week guys and girls. Pick 3 from the below. Thanks a lot for participating. Final tables and a host of time-consuming but utterly pointless stats will be out around Wed / Thur next week.

Stoke v Palace 12.30
Bournemouth v Swansea
Leicester v West Ham
Watford v Newcastle
West Brom v Spurs
Everton v Soton 5.30
Chelsea v Liverpool SUN 4.30

(All Saturday – 5.30)
Rochdale v Charlton
Pompey v Peterborough
Northampton v Oldham

(All Sunday – 12.30)
Brum v Fulham
Bolton v Forest
Brentford v Hull
Bristol C v Sheff U
Ipswich v Boro
Leeds v QPR
Millwall v Villa
Sheff W v Norwich


  • Birmingham 1-2 Fulham
    Brentford 2-0 Hull
    Leeds 2-0 QPR
  • Rochdale v Charlton 1-3
    Pompey v Peterborough 3-1
    Northampton v Oldham 1-0
  • edited May 2018
    Northampton v Oldham 1-0
    Brum v Fulham 0-2
    Millwall v Villa 1-0
  • Stoke v Palace 1-1
    Watford v Newcastle 1-1
    West Brom v Spurs 0-2
  • West Brom v Spurs 0-2
    Brum v Fulham 0-1
    Brentford v Hull 2-1
  • Rochdale 1-2 Charlton
    Brum 0-3 Fulham
    west Brom 1-2 spurs
  • Pompey v Peterborough 2-1
    Brum v Fulham 0-2
    Sheff W v Norwich 1-0
  • Cheers @AFKABartram Very witty!
    Was tempted to do non entry as a 2pt average award would see me home but here goes;

    Leicester 2-0 West Ham
    Leeds 1-0 QPR
    Pompey 1-0 Peterborough
  • West Brom v Spurs 0-1
    Brum v Fulham 0-1
    Brentford v Hull 1-0

  • Everton v Soton 1-2
    Bolton v Forest 2-1
    Ipswich v Boro 1-2
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  • West Brom v Spurs 0-3
    Brum v Fulham 0-2
    Ipswich v Boro 0-2
  • Pompey v Peterborough 2-2
    Brum v Fulham 0-1
    Leeds v QPR 1-0
  • Leicester v West Ham 2-1
    Rochdale v Charlton 1-1
    Northampton v Oldham 2-1
  • Stoke 1-3 Palace
    West Brom 1-3 Spurs
    Brum 1-3 Fulham
  • Stoke 1 Palace 2
    Everton 1 Southampton 2
    Watford 2 Newcastle 1
  • West Brom 0 - 3 Spurs
    Rochdale 0 - 2 Charlton
    Chelsea 2 - 1 Liverpool
  • Bolton v Forest 1-0
    Ipswich v Boro 1-0
    Millwall v Villa 1-0
  • Rochdale v Charlton 1-2
    Pompey v Peterborough 2-1
    Northampton v Oldham 1-0
  • West Brom v Spurs 0-2
    Everton v Soton 2-1
    Rochdale v Charlton 0-2
  • Millwall v Villa 1 - 2
    Leeds v QPR 2- 1
    Leicester v West Ham 3 - 0
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  • Everton v Southampton 2-0
    Bournemouth v Swansea 2-1
    Birmingham v Fulham 1-2
  • Leicester v West Ham 1-2
    Watford v Newcastle 2-1
    West Brom v Spurs 1-2
  • brum v Fulham 0-2
    west brom v spurs 0-2
    Bournemouth v Swansea 3-2
  • Everton v Southampton 1-2
    Bournemouth v Swansea 1-1
    Pompey v Peterboro 2-2
  • Stoke v Palace 1-2
    Chelsea v Liverpool 2-1
    Leeds v QPR 1-1
  • A bit like Millwall, I have nothing to play for. So with that in mind...

    Rochdale v Charlton 3-18
    Brum v Fulham 4-11
    Millwall v Villa 0-26
  • Everton v Soton 2-0
    Rochdale v Charlton 1-1
    Millwall v Villa 1-2
  • Stoke v Palace 1-2
    Leicester v West Ham 1-1
    Bolton v Forest 1-0
  • Bournemouth v Swansea 1-0
    Brum v Fulham 0-1
    Millwall v Villa 0-1
  • West Brom v Spurs 1-4
    Brentford v Hull 3-2
    Leeds v QPR 2-2
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