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The Ticket Office - a thank you

Last Saturday we had decided to break our ban and got tickets for the match, I was then taken ill and we couldn't attend so I informed the club. Early this week the club informed me that I needed to cancell at least 24hrs befor ethe gaem so no refund, I asked them to rconsider, they did and gave me a full refund this morning.

Thank you CAFC


  • Solidgone said:

    I hope you are now feeling better.

    He will be, the nerve agent me and the other boycotters smeared on his front door was only a mild one and just enough to stop him attending the game.
  • All joking aside Lancs I hope you are up and about and fighting fit.
  • So that was it, had better cover my door knob with vaseline before the playoffs
  • improving every day thanks
  • Great to hear a nice story about the Ticket Office, they've been pretty useless and quite unhelpful as of late.

    It's nice to hear that the people running it do actually care and still value us!
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