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With the season drawing to a close it is time to cast your vote for Player of the Year. This will again be done online, although a small number of people will be collecting votes in person outside the ground before the Scunthorpe match. Who to vote for, though? The contest seems wide open this year with no one person likely to sweep the board like Ricky did in 2017. In fact there would appear to be six players with reasonable expectation of success. As usual, everyone who has played 10 or more games is on the ballot sheet, so disappointment for fans of Zyro, Kaikai and er, Tony Watt. Please vote and ensure that the most deserving player is rewarded at the POTY Dinner on 7th May. Tickets are still on sale via the ticket office, so be there to see the winner receive his trophy.

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  • Gone for Amos.
  • Jay Dasilva...

    Fosu has been effective yet a bit too injury prone this season

    Wouldn't complain if Ben Amos won though
  • Da Silva for me
  • KAG has been on great goalscoring form and showing alot of potential

    Ben Amos for me
  • Clarke, no contest but as it was more than a week ago he'll be overlooked.
  • Amos for me
  • Today's statbank. which should be out soon, will have an up-to-date list of all players marks, league game by game for the season and their overall average
  • Fosu. Look at the results of the games he's been injured. (Or just returning from injury)

    He has had the "X" factor that has made a difference. And, despite injuries, still top scorer.

    But, if had stayed fit, I'm sure we would have all been voting for Billy Clarke...
  • Da Silva
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  • Amos for me, but I agree with East_Stand, Clarke if he had stayed fit.
  • Gone with Fosu.
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    Magennis. Joint top scorer despite being played in KR's shite system for most of the year. Despite being isolated and getting no service. Despite being overplayed and having to play every minute of every game and internationals with no support or competition .
  • Gone with Bauer. Think the defence is much more solid with him on the pitch (excusing his mistake at Wimbledon - we all make mistakes).
  • Think the votes this year will be very close. No real standout player this season. I went for Fosu just because of how much we rely on him.
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    JFC for me, would've been Fosu had he not been injured so much
  • Da Silva for me, Amos 2nd & Fosu 3rd.Fosu misses out through lack of games. I can't vote for someone who missed so many games though injury.
  • cafc-west said:

    Gone with Bauer. Think the defence is much more solid with him on the pitch (excusing his mistake at Wimbledon - we all make mistakes).

    And yours was voting for Bauer.

    Actually, he was my runner up ;-)

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  • Easy. RedHenry.
  • For those of you that can't vote online ( or prefer to give one to Fanny in person) , I'll be behind the West Stand ( aka the bike shed) from around 1.30-1.45 tomorrow until just before ko.

    Please come & say hello if you're in the vicinity.

    And please consider joining us for the dinner on Monday May 7th when season tickets will also be on sale ( only kidding )
  • From the list I saw today Desilva is a long way ahead.
  • From the list I saw today Desilva is a long way ahead.

    Yep, same from the list that I saw. Mind you, not exactly inundated with choice after this season are we :neutral:
  • Can we vote for one of the Upbeats ? At least they continue to be the only team representing us that shine with success and bring credit to the badge. Those legitimately in the running as far as I’m concerned “ain’t worth a carrot”.
  • I voted for Jake Forster-caskey but as everyone has said above, not a listvthat really inspired anyone either because they are loans or because they have been injured or variable.
  • Joe Dodoo
  • Harry Kane
  • I've only seen one game this year (soon to be two) so don't feel qualified enough to vote. May the best man win.
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