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Planning for next season...

Is it happening? Who will be our manager? Who's renewing/terminating contracts? Who is identifying potential summer signings? Who's organising the pre season programme? Who's in charge?

What a mess we are. Just sod off Roland so we can get our club back.


  • Dont worry... Season Tickets go on sale tomorrow...
  • And I guess that the terminating of Contracts will fall to Lee Bowyer and Richard Murray to decide, if its someone like Ahmed Kashi (who they'll maybe want to re-sign) they'll be hoping that the player will return to Sparrows Lane for pre-season depending on further interest

    Any U23 Players who are out of contract will probably have their future decided with Jason Euell may be having any input on whether its worth trying to keep them around for the same reason as already mentioned.

    In a way if the takeover isnt decided till August then staying in League One will be a saving grace - If we go up via. the Play-Offs then we're going to be ridiculously under prepared for life back in the Championship and results could end up being embarrassing if / when Roland shows no interest.
  • Nobody is going to be re-signed while Roland is owner, so no decisions to make. Kashi will be off for warmer climes, whether Bow wants him to stay or not. Bow will make any decisions that need to be made while he is caretaker boss, but that won't mean spending any money.
  • If RD is still the owner we'll be in a relegation battle next season with crowds around the 5000 mark. There will be no planning.
  • Hope he dies... I still can't see this nightmare ending any other way...

    Surely all the potential investors are bored now?
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Roland Out!