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The disgraced All Black who disappeared

Not a rugger fan so don't know if this a well known story but RIP.

Great story.


  • Yep a fascinating story; it would have been great if he had told all and written a book before he died.
  • Good read that.
  • He sounds like a right arse to me.
  • Thanks for posting @Henry Irving . Despite everything we never forgot. RIP
  • Keith Murdoch certainly had a bad reputation back in his playing days. How founded or unfounded that was is unclear.

    His singular attitude didn't impress the authorities of a team sport back in the seventies and the opportunity to send him home was probably eagerly seized.

    I knew he'd retired 'suddenly' but had no knowledge of the rest of it.

    Thanks for posting @Henry Irving and RIP Keith Murdoch. As a player he was a decent prop forward.
  • Interesting story
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