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Who has stolen the ‘home’ button?

There used to be a button at the foot of each page on every thread that would return to the forum home page.
Mine has disappeared.
Sod scrolling all the back after reading one of grapevines posts.
Used to be where the ‘x’ is.


  • I wasn't aware that was ever a thing. I'll look out for that.
    ...if it comes back.
  • Clicked on the top like first...
  • Mine’s at the top left of the page, next to my user name.
  • I’m going effing mad(der) then.
  • It has also been mentioned on the general things that annoy you thread.
  • For a lazy sod like me I hate having to scroll back up to find the remaining home button, oh and I keep clicking on the attach file button by mistake.
  • Undisclosed
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  • Preview. Save Draft. Post Comment

    Show me the way to press home.
  • I’ve never had one !!!!!!

    Should I ask AFKA for a refund on my subs ?
  • I used to have a home button, it's also gone. Roland has negotiated the sale of it as a club asset, always the first thing to go, home :smile:
  • Someone’s had it away with mine as well. Must be a gang.
  • Tap the top of the screen.
  • Not sure where it’s gone, investigating
  • Charlton coming home, Charlton......sorry, a few years to late :smiley:
  • Been sold to Everton.
  • I'm also down to just the one Home too. Some bugger's probably bought the rest up to let out to students.
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  • Always had one next to post comment. This is not on.
  • Was causing an issue. Looking for a fix, but will try and pop a little link in it's place to tide us over until it's fixed properly.
  • Gold and Sullivan bought the URL. We're gonna get a taxpayer funded home button instead
  • Goodbye home, goodbye home, and as he was saying goodbye to his home, saying goodbye to his home......
  • I used to always (at least quite often) use the button. How odd.
  • If you’re on an Iphone, if you touch the top of the screen where the clock is, it scrolls right to the top of the page....
  • Sack the mods.
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Roland Out!