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So how do you take your latte?

Yes, another big topic here, this should get you all going and make the Takeover thread seem like a stroll in the park. ;-)

So latte people, and I’m talking about all the home baristas out there, which way do you go?

1. Milk in first
2. Coffee in first
3. Couldn’t give a fuck

Next -

1. Coffee bean
2. Pre ground from your supplier
3. Couldn’t give a fuck

Your chosen supplier?


Your choice of coffee machine is

2. kettle

Lastly -

1. I am not a robot
2. I am a robot
3. I am a killer robot and you’re next.

My answers are -
1. Milk in first
2. Pre ground
3. Rave coffee ( great coffee, good prices, if a little haphazard at times)
4. De Longhi
5. I am a robot. Like the one in the old Lost in Space.


  • Starbucks/ Nero ideally - Caramel Macchiato / Caramel Latte
    Mostly work machine kilx half a cup of vanilla latte lol
    If not Coffee first
    Whatever coffee mum has in the tin, normally a nice one
  • I'd take my latte to the sink and tip the revolting shit away.
    Put 2 teaspoons of Kenco Costa Rican in a mug, add water just off the boil and cold milk to taste. Sorted :wink:
  • strong tea, milk, 1 sugar.

    never in my life understood the coffee fascination and the prices people pay for one !
  • 1. If I asked for one (I think) the machine would put the milk in second.
    2. Beans The machine takes a kilo and grinds them as it goes.
    3. Gimoka.
    4. Siemens built-in.
    5. I am a Captcha.
  • I’ve never had a latte before . I hate coffee with milk.
  • Members only this now before anyone sees

    Can’t you make a poem about this mate?
  • 1. I'd put the milk in after - because it's less faff, but i only really drink americano/long blacks or espresso.
    2. Beans
    3. Pact
    4. Gaggia Classic (though it just died so am using a dolce gusto - full disclosure and minus geek points)
    5. Not allowed to say
  • Can we agree that it's also pronounced lat-tay and not larrrrtay
  • Orally
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  • Members only this now before anyone sees

    Agreed, all I can add is FFS.
  • Who sticks their little finger out when holding their tea / coffee though?
  • I drink americano or filter coffee with cold milk.
    At home or out so I can't help you.
  • I dread ordering a coffee whilst out, especially when they ask what kind would you like, I always say just an ordinary cup please. Apparently this is called an Americano.
  • Strong black coffee with 1 sugar.
  • Don't drink coffee. Back to enamelling a bath thread for me.
  • Give a fuck first
    No need for milk
  • Chai latte with loads of cinnamon and a double helping of simpering outrage about the state of the planet ;)
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  • Leuth said:

    Chai latte with loads of cinnamon and a double helping of simpering outrage about the state of the planet ;)

    I would have expected Matcha to be honest
  • Matcha is nice but less reliably so
  • edited April 2018
    Black coffee, no fuss or froth.

    Though apparently that might make me a psychopath:
    2. Pre ground - I've not got a fucking living room, let alone space for a proper coffee machine mate
    4. Lavazza
    4. Bialetti Moka
    5. I wish I was a robot, they don't have to go to work with the flu
  • Who sticks their little finger out when holding their tea / coffee though?

    i'm more interested in who sticks their finger IN?
  • Double espresso's for me, if I want milk in a coffee I might stretch to a cortado.
  • Black with two sugars
  • Tea drinker myself, white no sugar.
  • Rothko said:

    Latte's are grim, grown ups shouldn't drink glasses of warm milk.

    Keep your coffee short, Cortado all the way

    I'm sorry, did you really just refer to a cortado as 'short' ?

  • I prefer mine with a copy of the Guardian and some croissants.
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