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The last non-Charlton game you attended

Mine was Mexico v Senegal, Aug 2012 during the Olympics at Wembley

Last English League game would have been Fulham v Leyton Orient, April 1993 (our coach to Notts C never turned up)


  • I go to a few Stoke games, unfortunately!
  • Welling v Grimsby a few years back, Grimsby brought about 700 down
  • Real Madrid v Real Socieded In February.
  • Arsenal v AC Milan (mate who's a season ticket holder got a spare). Good game and at the time it was nice to see a team in red win.
  • Hong Kong v Lebanon in November last year.

    Hong Kong lost 1-0 to a dodgy penalty conceded by their gangly defender Tan Chun Lok. Not a bad game overall and not unlike watching Charlton playing (red strip, lots of passion but less skill and no luck at all). I had to leave early after nearly choking on a jumbo hot dog which seemed to get wedged in my oesophagus late in the first half.

    Most people only attend for the opportunity to appear on TV while booing the Chinese national anthem, which will shortly be made a criminal offence so reducing gates for international fixtures significantly.
  • Chelsea v Barcelona 1-0 April 2012
    felt dirty watching it and guilty cos there’ll be Chelsea fans who would love to be there .
    I was on a boozey one with mates
  • Manchester United v new York cosmos I think
  • Forest Green v Notts Co to complete my 92 grounds
  • Other than Welling, England V Lithuania last March.
  • Barnet v Portsmouth last season. Incredibly, given their current fortunes, Barnet were leading with two minutes to go, before Pompey scored with a late screamer. Although I am a nominal Barnet supporter I was quite pleased because I wanted to hear how much noise the away fans made.
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  • Generally get to 5 or 6 Bournemouth games over a season. Last one being 2-1 v Stoke in Feb(?).

  • West Ham v Southampton on Saturday. Before that I think it was Bradford v Gillingham last season.
  • Crawley v Swindon bank holiday Monday
    Pay what you want day
    Nice to see the ground nearly full and my mates two little uns were mascots.
    Not a very good game and pissed down all day but had a few beers and staggered home!
  • Bromley v Dover in November.

    Roger Johnson swearing like a trooper.
  • Luton Town v Biggleswade Town - Beds Senior cup final last month at the hole that is Kenilworth Rd.

    Score 4-3
  • Would have been a Welling game... Havent been for years though

    Them and Charlton are the only teams I've gone to see
  • the recent Man U v Udders game, Munich anniversary
  • Forest Green Rovers vs Cheltenham. Or as it’s called round here, El Glossico.
  • Erith & Belvedere v Stansfeld OB at PVR.
  • Swindon Vs Preston Playoff final a few year ago with a Swindon supporting mate. They got stuffed 4-1 i think.
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  • Arsenal v United this season.

    Sat around 60,000 miserable Arsenal fans watching one of the best PL games of this season grinning from ear to ear.
  • West Ham vs Southampton at the Olympic Stadium in October 2016. Saints won 3-0 and you could tell that West Ham were really going to struggle to make that place a home they love
  • Gillingham v Fleetwood in 2015 (I think), Gillingham absolutely tore them apart. There were 17 Fleetwood fans that I counted there, not enough to fill a row in the Gordon Road stand

  • Flamengo v Recife, 2009 in terms of top flight, Chelmsford v Bath last season otherwise
  • A Spurs mate took me to Spurs vs Huddersfield a few weeks ago. I didn't ask to go, he got me a ticket as a "thanks" for helping him out with something.

    Think he thought, as an impoverished Charlton supporter, I'd enjoy the glamour of a trip to Wembley to watch Premier League football. Didn't want to go, it was freezing cold, a fecking boring, run of the mill 2-0. Couldn't get away quick enough and then, when we did leave, I literally couldn't get away quick enough because Wembley's a nightmare to escape from.

    Also went to the "South London El Clasico" earlier this season, Dulwich vs Tooting & Mitcham. Enjoyed and agreed with the Tooting supporters' chant of "Hipsters from Peckham, you know what you are".
  • Welling vs Dartford on Boxing Day. A cracking last minute winner for the Darts to win 3-2

    The last non Charlton league game I saw was Barnet losing to Accrington in 2015 at The Hive, with young Kevin Lisbie coming off the bench for the Bees!
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    Mine was Mexico v Senegal, Aug 2012 during the Olympics at Wembley.

    Ha, me too in the UK! And pretty good game it was - 4-2 from memory?

    Then went to Sao Paolo v Botofogo when on hols in Brazil in 2013. 1-1. Clarence Seedorf playing.

    Oh, and then a few at the Euros: England v Russia, NI v Ukraine and Romania v Albania. So that was actually the last one.

    Hadn't realised it was so many till you asked, @AFKABartram.
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach v Borussia Dortmund in February this year.

    Pretty average game, but good atmosphere and enjoyed being served beer during the match, by a guy with a beer tank on his back.
  • Southampton Vs Watford in the FA cup...was dire but Saints got the win.

    No surprise there in the relegation battle based on that performance!
  • Spurs v Juventus a few weeks back
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