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Yet another irrational club owner

Olympiakos players have been fined 400,000 euros (£350,000) and ordered to go on holiday by the club president following poor results.

The Greek champions are third in the Super League after three wins in their past eight games.

Shipping magnate Evangelos Marinakis, who also owns Nottingham Forest, was quoted in the Greek media as telling the players: "I and the rest of the fans have tolerated you enough. You will leave today and go on holiday."

Olympiakos have been crowned champions of Greece 44 times, including the past seven seasons.

However, they are currently three points behind leaders AEK Athens with four matches remaining.

Olympiakos draw 1-1 at 10th-placed Levadiakos on Saturday.

Marinakis said half the fine was for a 1-1 draw against arch rivals Panathinaikos on 4 March.

He said very few players in the current squad will be retained for the remainder of the season, with replacements to be called up from the under-20 team.

Three years ago Marinakis fined his team 500,000 euros for their performances.

He completed his takeover of Forest in May 2017, bringing to an end Fawaz Al Hasawi's five-year reign in charge of the Championship club.

Seems like a decent guy to work for!


  • And is being investigated for drug smuggling
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    At least he is not as bad as the owner of PAOK who came on the pitch a couple of weeks ago against AEK with a gun because the ref disallowed a late PAOK goal. You can't beat Greek football for a bit of drama and craziness.
  • Quite impressive from AEK Athens so far seeing they've not won the League since 1994.

    Even more so as since then only four titles havent been won by Olympiakos, those coming from Panathinaikos
  • Yes AEK are doing great. They are also building a new stadium back in their homeland of Nea Philadelphia in Athens. They currently use the Olympic stadium. Greek football has been so corrupt over the last 20 years and it is well known that Olympiakos officials have "Got At" referees and assistants in order to win matches. Some of the decisions they have been awarded are almost criminal and so obvious but they still get away with it.
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    Football club ownership is becoming increasingly worrying and questionable. Are the overseers of our game doing their job properly or just in it for the prestige of their position?
    The future of our centuries old game appears to be under a growing threat from some dubious individuals with bundles of money.
    I would suggest that a more thorough screening of potential new owners is called for. Scrutiny of their background and motivation should be as important a check as the proof they have the cash.
    Clubs have been duped into believing their new owners will be their saviours only to find out they act more like pirates.
  • Yes that's true. If it was only happening at one or two clubs then you put it down to a minor issue but it happening at lots of clubs as we well know. All the while that money is allowed to talk loudest as far as the football authorities are concerned then this will only get worse and some clubs will not survive the destruction that takes place.
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