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If You Could Choose... Bowyer or Powell?

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Curious.... If you could name the manager for next season... would you insert Powell for Bowyer after how we are playing?


  • Bow, silly question... He is earning his stripes and more than deserves a chance after what he has done so far
  • Hate this type of question...

    So, some of you think Bowyer deserves the sack?
  • Chris Powell, of course. Because he has far greater experience.

    However, if Bowyer is still in charge by the end of the season, his experience will have increased immensely.

    One other word though: I don't want the new owners to appoint a manager for next season. I want them to take whatever time it takes to hire the right person to manage the side for the next decade. The new owners will have problem and luxury of looking way beyond the next few games to pick the right person for the future.
  • I think Powell is great but it's time to stop always thinking about him returning in the near future and move on for now.

    He will return to Charlton as manager one day but now is certainly not the right or necessary time.

    Forget about it.

    Football is thickle and it's a results business.

    Bowyer is yet to discover the true tests of football management. He is fresh and it's currently going well in comparison to his predecessor.

    Depending on how long he stays in this position...a lot of things are going to get thrown at him and he will be tested.

    One example...which is a huge deal.

    How do you pick the team up after a defeat or a blip?

    I personally instinctively feel he will be a good long term appointment, if that were to happen.

    Time will tell.

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    Bowyer. He's doing the job and no one could do better than 3 from 3.

    And I speak as a Guardian reading champagne socialist member of the liberal elite who threw his hands up in shock at him being taken on, but I am convinced by recent interviews. As far as I'm concerned he's totally PC and therefore the right man for the job.
  • Powell was great for what he done in fact god like but times have moved on and atm get behind bowyer as he’s doing great, shame we didn’t have him earlier in the season as autos could of been a real possibility, but we are chasing playoffs and I plan to get behind the manager as much as I can, as he is doing fantastic.
  • Move on.
  • Powell was perfect for then. Bowyer is perfect for now. The person who is perfect for the job next season may not have even been talked about yet.
  • Bowyer has a 100 per cent record.

    Not good enough. Must do better.

  • Kewell
  • Bowyer, has the turned team around and playing some great football
  • Bowyer, never look back.
  • Bowyer, never look back.

    Looking back did not work out for Lot's wife.
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    No one think Bowyer could be a better prospect than Powell?

    Early days but the signs are there.
  • The comparison of bowyer and Powell being “Charlton men” I find a bit ridiculous one made 46 apps the other 240+
  • Bowyer.
  • Bowyer.

    Powell has a job to do elsewhere.
  • Bowyer has to have the next 7 ( hopefully 10) games
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    Assuming Roland is well gone, I suspect it will be neither.

    All Bowyer can do is stake his claim for the job. 3 games in he's storming his interview. Tactically spot on in all three, and the players want to play for him. If he gets us to the play offs, I think he deserves a go at next season.

    For those who say never go back, Powell came back to us 3 times already, and each time was special. I've no doubt it will be again at some point in the future, but the club seems to be gaining momentum right now, and we shouldn't tinker.

    I hope whoever buys the club shares our values. I think we'll be in safe hands whoever, if that's the case.
  • red bull
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    Karel Fraeye
  • Maybe Roland will name himself as manager as a requirement for selling. He has controlled player selection before and now is his big chance to prove his genius.
  • Bowyer has had three games - would I swap him for anybody at the moment - of course not, but not a valid question for this time.
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