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If you had to name one Charlton icon, who would it be?

Mine is Jimmy Seed. Charlton through and through.

He took us from the depths of the third tier to rattle the cages of the big boys pre-war (not that I go back as far as that). He took us up from the Third Division (South) to the top division in two seasons and we were runners up to Manchester City in 1937. In subsequent seasons before the war we ended up 3rd and 4th.

Please see - Would have been their birthday today


  • Jimmy Seed before my life time, Curbs during.

  • Moskey Mills
  • Bartram I reckon
  • Curbishley
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  • Les Berry
  • Really difficult having to pick just one

    Mark Kinsella for me slightly edges John Robinson
  • Airman Brown? ..oh, no, that is very sycophantic :-)

    I think Killer for me. When he arrived, it was the first time I remember Charlton not being seen as soft touches. But Mark Kinsella is close second, if only his fitness had not failed him prematurely.
  • Super Clive
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  • Player - Sam Bartram
    Manager- Jimmy Seed
  • Has to be Superclive for the reasons stated by @Mametz above. A hat-trick in the best match ever seen at Wembley, plus a perfect penalty in the shoot-out, followed by that pose, that's iconic.
  • North Stand should be named after Curbishley. West after Bartram.
  • North Stand should be named after Curbishley. West after Bartram.

    Bogs after gobshite
  • Has to be Killer. He put Charlton on my map.
  • Killer
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