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  • I'm shocked.

    Did anyone see that coming?
  • Gutted Oxford
  • Such a surprise :wink:
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    Wonder what the academic scholars of that famous university city will think of his endless, nauseating, migraine-inducing spewing rhetoric.

    I quite like Oxford United, so I pity their supporters. But Charlton is what I'm bothered about and in this case our loss is our gain. Good riddance you incompetent, spineless, greedy arrogant tosser.
  • A manager resigns at the Valley to take a job at Oxford. WTF..
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  • masicat said:

    A manager resigns at the Valley to take a job at Oxford. WTF..

    Hopefully the last of the lows to come for the forseeable future thanks to RD...

    Until we possibly get beaten by Accrington Stanley next season.
  • Certainly has the wow factor.
  • Good luck to him
  • Uboat said:

    As we speak, Reeves is sighing, packing his bags and looking at Rightmove.

    He won’t have to as he can get a lift in with Robinson.
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  • wOw with a capital O.
  • Happy for him, hopefully he will soon be a distant part of the Roly debacle as we will have moved on to better things.
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    He hasn't picked Oxford over Charlton. He has replaced one guaranteed situation with another guaranteed situation. From guaranteed to get the sack within days to guaranteed to get the sack within months. (Smiley face emoji)
  • Poor manager
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