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***Lee Bowyer - Caretaker Manager (Jackson Assistant)***



  • This thread for Bowyer / JJ / current situation, the other for Robinson please
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  • Good luck to both of them, can we see a post Karl bounce please
  • Good luck Lee and Johnnie, you'll need it :wink:
  • whoo manager bounce on sat ! The season (re) starts here.
  • Put some spunk into this shower please lads
  • Good luck guys
  • Now JJ is playing a part in the club management

    Has to be Lee and Jacko's red army
  • Full club statement:
    Good luck to all of them - JJ, 'Bow' and Robbo. They will all need it...
  • what would be fucking hilarious is if we nicked a play off spot and oxford were relegated.

    Don't much care about Oxford. At least we are 12 points above a relegation spot, which should mean we are safe.
  • Lee Bowyer's having a party
    Bring your big macs and your sensi

    Being serious, come on, Lee and John. Not the easiest time to take over but on the other hand not success in the form of the play-offs are very close.

    Good luck and if the team play anything like those two did then we have a chance.

    Now just need the club sold to make it a perfect day/week/month/decade.
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  • Given the circumstances I think this is an excellent decision. I have no idea how good a manager Bowyer will prove to be. But I have been impressed by a lot of what I have heard and read about him since he came in. He seems a lot more perceptive about the game than I imagined he would be. If it works out, great. If not, a properly researched appointment under the new owners before the start of next season.
  • Good luck to them, everybody starts somewhere, they need proper support .
  • Well, this is going to be interesting.
    Whatever Bowyer is or isn’t, he knows football at a good level. If he and Jackson can man manage well, then there might be a sudden upturn in our fortunes.
    I am not entirely convinced this is going to happen, but equally it also wouldn’t surprise me if we now get in the playoffs.
    This move looks like a gamble. But I now reckon I picked the wrong week to bet on a hefty away win
  • Bowyer and Jackson

    Sounds like a pair of grave robbers.
  • Johnnie,'oh Johnnie Jackson he runs the team with Lee.
  • I'm wondering who made the decision to have Bowyer and Jackson - seriously. I'm guessing Murray advised RD?
  • its a gamble that needed to be taken. you never know it could work out but it might not. still its better to do something while we still have a slight chance rather than doing nothing. just hope the players are up for the challenge.
  • Reminiscent of the start of the Curbs/Gritt era
  • edited March 2018
    Good luck to JJ and LB. Just one more wish Roly, Foxtrot Oscar.
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