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Players Marks: Blackpool v Charlton

At Bloomfield Road or on the live stream:

Page: n/a
Marshall: n/a


  • Amos: 4 I reckon I'd have done better for the goal, both in the clearance and against the eventual shot
    Solly: 7 played well, knee is catching up with him
    Bauer: 7.5 our best player
    Pearce: 6 could have headed that one off the line for a corner, headed it straight back to them
    Sarr: 7 thought he defended well and put in some great challenges including one two seconds before the goal
    Konsa: 5 did ok in midfield. awful at full-back
    Reeves: 6 tidy enough
    Forster-Caskey: 4 lost the ball about 20 times
    Fosu-Henry: 6 got stuck in and showed a good touch, no end product
    Magennis: 5.5 charged about
    Zyro: 6 looked skilful but missed our best chance
    Aribo: 5.5 wasn't on it
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    Amos: 5
    Solly: 5
    Bauer: 5.5
    Pearce: 5.5
    Page: n/a
    Sarr: 5
    Konsa: 5
    Reeves: 4.5
    Forster-Caskey: 4.5
    Fosu-Henry: 4.5
    Magennis: 5
    Zyro: 4
    Aribo: 5

    Poor team performance never looked like scoring don't deserve a play off place got what we deserved Jack sh1t, match report tomorrow if I can be bothered :rage:
  • Live stream

    Amos: 5
    Solly: 5
    Bauer: 7 Best defender
    Pearce: 6
    Page: n/a unlucky son
    Sarr: 7 Actually battled and blocked
    Konsa 5.5 A bit soft
    Reeves: 6 Tidy.
    Forster-Caskey 4.5 Not sure about him
    Fosu-Henry: 5.5
    Magennis: 4 Sorry, not very good
    Zyro 5 Better in the middle
    Aribo: 4 Couldn’t handle the pitch. Weak.

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    Amos: 5 kicking better, one or two saves, poor clearance for their goal
    Solly: 4.5 targeted a lot put out too many unnecessary corners
    Bauer: 6.5 we've missed him
    Pearce: 7 I don't normally rate Pearce but thought he had a great game today
    Page: n/a what is with this guy
    Sarr: 4 asked to do a job that he looked uncomfortable doing. Gave it away too often.
    Konsa: 4.5 why does he seem to bomb forward better as a cb than cdm or rb? Looked uninterested.
    Reeves: 5 one of the only players to get about and push out, then faded dramatically
    Forster-Caskey: 5 hit some nice long passes almost scored a worldie
    Fosu-Henry: 5.5 tried but lost the ball too often
    Magennis: 4 a small quantity of good flicks but not much else
    Zyro: 4.5 disappointing. Should have scored his header or at least put it on target. Made some crosses I guess so probably better out wide.
    Aribo: 4.5 tried but lost the ball almost every time
    Marshall: n/a what was the point in leaving that sub so late
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    Amos: 6(MotM), seems weird but I think he stopped it being a lot worse than it could have been
    Solly: 2.5
    Bauer: 3
    Pearce: 3
    Page: n/a
    Sarr: 2
    Konsa: 3
    Reeves: 1.5
    Forster-Caskey: 2
    Fosu-Henry: 3
    Magennis: 3.5
    Marshall: n/a
  • Amos: 5.5
    Solly: 4
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 5.5
    Page: n/a
    Sarr: 4.5
    Konsa: 5
    Reeves: 4
    Forster-Caskey: 4
    Fosu-Henry: 4
    Zyro: 4
    Aribo: 4
  • At the game, dunno what I was thinking.

    Amos: 5 - Would have been MOTM after making some crucial saves but a poor clearance after running 40 yards off his line gifted them the goal.
    Solly: 5 - Did pretty well against a strong winger on their side, stopped most crosses and seemed ok positionally, we were weaker without him when he was gone.
    Bauer: 6- Solid.
    Pearce: 5 - Over committed to chasing the ball and got out of position a few times, strong in the tackle thuogh.
    Page: n/a - Why did he go for that header at all??
    Sarr: 4 - Not a LB, not really his fault but I was clenching every time anyone ran at him, looks so cumbersome and slow.
    Konsa: 4 - Average in midfield but never really made himself known, gave away the ball loads when moved to RB trying to be too pretty with the ball.
    Reeves: 3 - What did he actually do all game? Completely shut out, few times he had it in the final third he looked hesitant then made the wrong decision.
    Forster-Caskey: 3 - Never got in to the game, can't think of anything of note that he did or anything that he was involved that moved the play forward.
    Fosu-Henry: 4.5 - Was muscled out early and never got back in to the game, extra half a point for skinning two defenders to create half a chance before smashing it wide.
    Magennis: 6 - MOTM - People moan about him no end, but he worked harder than anyone else on the pitch, cleared the ball more from defence than the defenders, was strong on the ball at the other end of the pitch and created a few chances.
    Zyro: 4 - Again muscled out early, never looked like much. I was disappointed after seeing good reviews of him previously
    Aribo: 5.5 - Collected the ball and moved it forwards well when he was on the pitch. Could've done with him from the start.
    Marshall: n/a - Why wasn't he on earlier?
  • At match

    Amos - 6 MOM Made two crucial saves before his mistake at the end.
    Solly - 4 another injury?
    Bauer - 5.5 good to have him back.
    Pearce - 4
    Sarr - 4
    Konsa - 4
    Reeves - 2
    Forster-Caskey - 3
    Fosu - 4.5
    Magennis - 5
    Zyro - 5
    Aribo - 5

    Robinson -0 Lucky to get nil!
  • There in person. What a waste of time.

    Amos: 5 did OK until the moment of madness
    Solly: 7 was up against it at times but coped well
    Bauer: 7.5 with Pearce, kept us in it for most of the game
    Pearce: 7.5 see above
    Page: n/a
    Sarr: 6 not a left back so what can you expect
    Konsa: 5
    Reeves: 7 looked the man most likely to (damning with faint praise, I know)
    Forster-Caskey: 6
    Fosu-Henry: 5
    Magennis: 5
    Zyro: 5
    Aribo: 5

    Robinson: 0 How much longer must we put up with this 4-2-3-1 crap? It doesn't work! Neither Mag or Zyro is a midfielder so don't play them out wide and expect them to cover a full back. Neither is properly capable of playing the lone striker, either.
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  • Amos: 4
    Solly: 6
    Bauer: 5
    Pearce: 5
    Page: n/a oh the irony
    Sarr: 3
    Konsa: 4
    Reeves: 3
    Forster-Caskey: 5
    Fosu-Henry: 5
    Magennis: 7
    Zyro: 3
    Aribo: 6
  • At the game.

    Amos: 5.5
    Solly: 5
    Bauer: 5
    Pearce: 4.5
    Page: n/a
    Sarr: 4
    Konsa: 5
    Reeves: 5
    Fosu-Henry: 6
    Magennis: 5
    Zyro: 4.5
    Marshall: n/a
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    Amos: 6.5 - Made two brilliant saves, then had a terrible kick that led to their goal.

    Solly: 6 - Better without being brilliant. Put in a beautiful ball for Zyro's chance.

    Bauer: 7 - Won the ball off the foot of an attacker many times. For a player lacking in pace, he is impressively comfortable defending out wide. Our best center back.

    Pearce: 6 - Quintessential Jason Pearce performance. Dropped too deep and got sucked out of position, but also made some crucial blocks. Headed the clearance back into the middle of the pitch.

    Page: n/a Unlucky. Went in for a whole hearted contested header. Hopefully taking him off was only precautionary.

    Sarr: 6.5 Not a left back but I thought did well considering.

    Konsa: 6.5 Looked better in central midfield than I expected. Made some mistakes and miscontrolled it at times but he is a very technically gifted player. His play dipped as the rest of the team dipped.

    Reeves: 6 - Busy and looked the most likely to make something happen. Didn't.

    Forster-Caskey: 5.5 - Was there.

    Fosu-Henry: 5.5 - Tried to make things happen and didn't. This kind of game will always be tough for a player like him. His work rate in under-appreciated I think.

    Magennis: 4.5 - Started alright on the left and had a couple of knock downs that lead to chances, including the one that JFC volleyed just wide. But when he went up front he seemed to win no headers and the ball going forward didn't stick.

    Zyro: 5 - Showed little glimpses of what he's capable of but that miss was bad and that game was not well suited to a player with such skill. Still think there's a really good player there. Hope he's given more opportunities either up front or in the 10 role where he can pick it up a little deeper and drive at teams.

    Aribo: 4.5 Another for whom this type of game will be difficult but was pretty anonymous.

    Marshall: n/a
  • Zyro was a good signing then :neutral:
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    Zyro still firmly in the 'needs longer before we decide' category.

    I'd say the same about Reeves too - I don't think we're using him particularly well - but he's a bit more controversial. Zyro is still bedding in

    JFC is the one I'm seriously starting to worry about, although I'll add that he's not being allowed to burst into the box so much now, and I think his deeper role doesn't suit him at all
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    Leuth said:

    Zyro still firmly in the 'needs longer before we decide' category.

    I'd say the same about Reeves too - I don't think we're using him particularly well - but he's a bit more controversial. Zyro is still bedding in

    JFC is the one I'm seriously starting to worry about, although I'll add that he's not being allowed to burst into the box so much now, and I think his deeper role doesn't suit him at all

    Agree on Zyro, he showed on Saturday that he had great technical skill with the ability to create and finish. To say he was starved of service on Tuesday is an understatement. I still think there's a lot more to come from him.

    Also agree with Reeves. He looks our most creative midfielder at the moment, which is damming with faint praise. But he does look like the only one capable of unlocking defenses. The problem is he's less effective on the right, which is true of literally everyone in the squad because they have to cover Solly. And he's scrappy and works hard, but he's still very inconsistent.

    On JFC, he's clearly in a bad run of form. He's largely been good but he still hasn't quite mastered the ability to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Not having Kashi is not going to help that. I also think he misses having Clarke in front of him. Clarke was excellent at dropping deep and dragging defenders out of position to make room for JFC to get forward. Clarke would also provide defensive support for when JFC got caught upfield. The only other one of our 10s who can do they is Reeves, who hasn't played as a 10 much.
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