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Ken Dodd RIP

Passed away at 90 after a chest infection.


  • My old man used to say that Ken Dodd was the comedian other comedians went to see.
    May not have been everyone's cup of tea, but apparently was ultra-professional and dedicated to his craft. Heard lots of stories of him performing for 3 or 4 hours straight when he was only supposed to do a 90 minute set.

    Old school British icon.
  • I fear for the future of the jam butty mines now.

    Hugely important and funny (his radio show was manic - repeated on 4Extra it's worth listening to).

  • Goodbye old fella and thanks for all the laughs.
  • Saw him last year.
    We arrived a couple of minutes after the 7pm start,mane got beautifully heckled by him.
    He closed the show at 11.29 pm.
    He missed maybe 2 punchlines all night and his material was a wonderful mix of old and new.
    We left in awe of the man. A very, very nice man.
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    Some wonderful tributes coming in.
    A proper British institution.
    Amazing that he lived in only one house all his life.
  • Rip Ken.
    One of the great stand up comedians.
  • A great great comedian, RIP
  • A proper entertainer, a proper comedian. Used to love Ken Dodd and his diddymen as a child. RIP Ken

    'Happiness, Happiness. The greatest gift that I pocess. I thank the Lord that I Pocess, more of my share of happiness'
  • RIP. A good innings.
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  • RIP Ken a British Institution in comedy. Used to make me laugh, another all round entertainer gone to the stage in the sky.
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    Reunited with his old man's dog.

  • A very full life and a definite one-off. I hope he passed away peacefully.
  • RIP...mate just said he saw him years ago and did a benefit for the trades unions in a club. He said he did a show for 4 hours with one comfort break in between, and said they couldn't get him off the bloke.
  • Did he?

  • Seen him live twice, did a 4 hour plus show both times with only a short break. The best Stand Up comedian we've ever produced. RIP Doddy
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  • RIP.
    Loved Doddy.
  • A one off and a genius in arguably the toughest entertainment field of all.
  • I've been waiting an eternity to use this one.

    I just told my mate Ken Dodd died.....
    He said, did he?
    I said, no Doddy!

  • First his dog and now this.

    Sad day.
  • I thought he had already passed away. RIP to a legend of comedy and an actual funny Scouser.
  • A great age. R.I.P.
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