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Culture wars 2018

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Just saw an advert on the Tube for Jordan Peterson's new self-help guide.

"Rule no. 5: don't let your children do anything that makes you dislike them"

What a creepy c**t! And to think he's going to be everywhere now.

Of course, I don't have his *laughs* expertise, so everything he says is immune from criticism.

Any other observations you have about the rise of the alt-right and other neoreactionary groups are welcome. Or perhaps you are alt-right, and wish to recruit! Have a good go, we won't trouble you... ;)


  • This whole sides thing is getting pathetic... cant anyone have opinions other than what there side thinks ?
  • Another one for the 'you know you're an old git' thread. I've no idea who Jordan Peterson is, and no wish to know either.
  • 1 - who is Jordan Peterson ?
    2 - I dont understand the rest of the post.
  • Is this a spin off to Robot Wars?
  • Is this a spin off to Robot Wars?

    Yes, just more geeky
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