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Fair play to the Germans

Borussia Dortmund fans say they will not "give up our culture" as they continue to protest against Bundesliga matches being moved to Monday nights.

Dortmund's crowd was more than 25,000 down on average as supporters protested in the 1-1 draw with Augsburg.

Organiser Jan-Henrik Gruszecki told BBC World Service: "Football on Monday in Germany is not an option for us.

"Do we want to give up our culture just to make some more pennies? We have to fight for our rights."

Up to 15,000 Dortmund fans had been expected to miss the game - only the second televised Monday match of a new broadcasting deal - in protest at the move but more stayed away, no doubt swayed by freezing temperatures of -6C.

Before kick-off, stadium announcer Norbert Dickel was cheered by the crowd as he said: "We respect the opinion of those who have chosen to stay at home. We are also against a further stretching out of the weekend and will be raising this when the next TV deal is discussed."

A banner was also on display that read: "For fairer kick-off times for fans - no to Monday games."

An official attendance of 54,300 was given but Gruszecki says the actual crowd was closer to 40,000.

"The Bundesliga is a weekend thing," he said. "We play in Europe in midweek, in the cups and maybe sometimes in the league, it is called an English week if we play in the league in the week.

"But this was a weekend game which was moved. That's not good for us.

"The stadium was half filled, 40,000 people were in the ground. More people stayed at home than went to the stadium.

"It was successful because people are talking about it, the people who signed the contract with the TV are not happy with this image they are presenting to the world. They are finding ways for these Monday games to move to Sundays - that is our goal. We are close.

"It is not that much money in this TV deal that it is worth giving up a big part of our culture."


  • "I hate Mondays....but I guess there's a MNF later.
    Spurs v everton I believe, got that to look forward to"

    They should try and stop moaning
  • This tweet gives fascinating stats to back up a startling claim. They may be cheating slightly on the headline claim, because they may be comparing Bundesliga 1 plus 2 with the FAPL alone (haven't checked) but the season ticket pricing by club is an eye-opener

  • Germany is cheap and they usually include free travel on the day of the game. To further emphasise how much we get ripped off:

    A season ticket in with AC Milan's ultras (middle tier behind the goal) is 229 euros.
    Benfica's appear to start from 110 euros for the season. Bottom tier ones start from 190.
    Marseille seems to be 170 euros behind the goal.
    I've struggled to find a Spanish example but I can tell you a S/T at Dartford FC is £220.

  • Club shirt at Bayern Munich, Nurenburg, Stuttgart and Bayer Leverkusen is over 80 euros, and other merchandise equally dear in the cities supporters shops. But Munich stadium has a wonderful beer garden st reasonable prices.  Add that together and ss s whole a bit cheaper. 
  • edited June 26
    Sports Direct selling next season’s Bayern Munich shirt for £59.99. Same price as Chelsea.
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