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Charlton v Shrewsbury | Sat 24 Feb | 3pm KO | Match Preview, Predictions, News & Views



  • 2:1 to the joy dispensers (Pearce, Aribo)
  • Dribbling with expectation. Play off potential only delays sale.


    Wigan part 2.
  • 2-0 Addicks, and I'll be there for the first time since early season.
  • 2-1 win alongside a couple of red cards in a absolute classic. One which we will all talk about for years, apart from me because I am working.

    In all seriousness, a win would be a brilliant result and could start to make the run in very exciting.
  • Just walked off the golf course as frozen solid. Is there a chance the match could be in jeopardy?
  • Taxi_Lad said:

    Just walked off the golf course as frozen solid. Is there a chance the match could be in jeopardy?

    Not with undesoil heating.. oh wait
  • We could have a whip round for a boiler?
  • Have the usual feeling about this one... when it matters we usually just don't turn up. Shrewsbury are where they are because they have been consistent all season. Are people expecting the Shrews to have a bad day at the office and for us to suddenly find where the back of the net is and knock in a few goals? Not saying we won't be going all out to win but too many teams have done their homework on us and it shows. We need to be at least two up going into the last quarter - and then we might get a point.
    Now go on KR.... go and prove me wrong!! PLEASE!!
  • We've got 14 games left and we need to win 13 of them to get automatic promotion!

    This is win number one of our 14 cup finals. 2-0 Charlton
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  • Taxi_Lad said:

    Just walked off the golf course as frozen solid. Is there a chance the match could be in jeopardy?

    We have pitch covers that would have been on all night which protect down to about -4 and as long as the tempreature hasn't gone that low for too long and seeing as tempratures haven't really gone that low this week we should be ok if they have been on.
  • If Bauer is fit I say play him and Konsa. Think Konsa has been excellent in recent weeks, and has pace that neither Bauer nor Pearce have. I think Bauer's reading of the game is really good and he makes difficult stuff look easy. Our problem with conceding goals hadn't really come from those two, it's more been those around them and a bit of shit luck (Lennon, Solly, the ball deflecting perfectly for Bradford and falling perfectly for Doncaster).

    I know Pearce bring leadership, but I remember in the build up to Blackburn looking at goals conceded with and without him, and the with him being higher on average. Would be curious to see how those compare now.

    If there's anyone in that back four deserving of being dropped you have to look at Solly first. He just hasn't been the same of late.
  • 3-0 Charlton - and all the other top 6 clubs lose as well.
  • Shrewsbury might do us on set pieces and willpower.
  • I’m hopeless at predictions but I think a draw is the most likely result. What we absolutely cannot afford today are any lightweight passengers who fanny around on the fringes of the game.

    I’m hoping that Fosu is fit for the bench, as his introduction with 25-30 minutes to go could make a big difference. The meagre 26 league goals that Shrewsbury have conceded speaks for itself.
  • seth plum said:

    Shrewsbury might do us on set pieces and willpower.

    Is he their set piece specialist?
  • edited February 2018

    hopefully we do beat them as there fans are wankers.

    Really , where did you have a bad experience of them ?
    Malta for England away game, like a lot of england fans have this club mentality and were just acting like wankers till a few old school spurs fans had a word, theres quite a few of these small clubs that have some proper knobhead fans, lincoln and swindon could also be added.
    You could add absolutely every one of the 92 league clubs to that list! Nothing to do with 'small clubs' at all!! Each club has a small following of neanderthals!
    To 'tar' all Shrewsbury fans with that brush, based on a one off experience you had in Malta, is ridiculous! The mind truly does boggle.
  • seth plum said:

    Shrewsbury might do us on set pieces and willpower.

    Nah mate you're thinking of Max Power, but he plays for Wigan, when he's not busy with his day job...
  • I’m hoping for a load of charlton goals. I’m expecting we will lose 1-2 after going ahead in the first 5 minutes and then conceding 2 inn the last 10.

    If England then lose to the jocks it will not have been a good day.
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  • 2-0. Magennis & Kaikai.
  • shirty5 said:
    Nothing is settled until robinson makes his substitutions
  • Is anyone else having issues with the printing at home tickets section on the website
  • No confidence whatsoever. 0 - 2
  • No confidence whatsoever. 0 - 2

    Spot on.
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