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Bury v Charlton 2018 post-match thread

Three whole points.

Over to you.


  • We will take three points any time no matter how ugly we get them.
  • Great 3 points but did not sound easy against the bottom club. I pray for the takeover to happen next week and a chance to get a few new players signed up in the window.
    Let's get our Charlton back soon.
  • Once again, our goal was a thing of beauty in an otherwise attritional game, although I thought we passed it very nicely in the second half.
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    McBobbin said:

    As radostin Kishishev once said, "right now, we are like piss steam"


    Trois points is trois points though...
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  • Great result.

    Battling performance. Desire, spirit and body on the line stuff. A performance Charlton fans can be proud of.

    Kashi wonderful. If we keep him then promotion is possible.

    Blimey, the beer must be strong oop north.

  • As soon as Roland goes I will be back in the lower west.
    Please Roland sell by next week, you are genuinely loathed
    by all true Charlton supporters!
  • well done robo and team

  • Please Roland sell by next week, you are genuinely loathed
    by all true Charlton supporters!

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    Three points further away from the ultimate humiliation. Woohoo!

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    Will take a win at any time, but the situation with substitutes highlights (the lack of) ambition from Duchatalet's and his seeming wish to offload anyone he can get cash for, makes this seem a hollow victory. Without some new blood, promotion is not going to happen under this regime. We'll do well to field 11 players come April at this rate.
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  • Same as last week. Poor game, but another much needed 3 points. Pleased for Robinson as well.
  • I'll settle for 2 x 1 goal victories on the trot, especially bearing in mind what's going on behind the scenes.

    Only managed to view the 2nd half but thought Reeves & Marshall did well ( always knew they'd both come good....:-) )

    The lads battled well regardless of the quality of the opposition & reaped the reward.

    Bet Walsall are quaking in their boots...( only kidding)

    Onwards & Upwards despite the Rat.
  • Given all the nonsense going on at the club, a very welcome three points. With the Shrewsbury game postponed, we'll hopefully pick up further points this month against Walsall and Blackpool.

    Look forward from hearing from some of the 350 heroes who ventured up to Gigg Lane.
  • Considering everything going on at the moment back to back wins is great even if the performances wernt.
    Fosu is due back soon and carruthers may well be joining us.
    All we need now is a striker who knows how to score and who knows we just might do it.
  • T_C_E said:

    Watched on tv from my home in Denmark as I've watched most of the games this season. Reeves looked more up for than in ages which maybe because we weren't looking for Holmes to come and collect the ball, in fact as was the whole team in the first 20 minutes we ran at them taking the game to them instead inviting them on to us. Bury decided that they better start to lean on a few players and with some big lumps in their side it started to get a little agricultural. Marshall decided at last to start hitting the by line but needs to start firing in a cross instead of floating it in for the keeper. Both centre backs looked ok with Lennon the shakier of the two, the full backs looked ok and weren't overly bothered with any threats by their wingers. Kashi just kept it fairly simple. All in all, a good result and will give them the confidence in themselves.

    Hey @T_C_E . I’m in Denmark too. Where are you based and how long have you lived there?
    And I'm in Norway !

    Anyone over here fancy a drink ?
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