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MEMBERS POLL: When will a takeover of Charlton be completed?



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    voted A based on hope not any inside info. head says the summer.
  • C. Don't see it happening before the end of January, and then can see the Rat playing silly buggers until the end of the season
  • D. His ego prevents him taking the required haircut on debt. Hope to be proved wrong.
  • I'm almost certain it will be C
  • I voted end of Jan window. Think the whole Charlton thing has turned me cracked though, so how stable my vote is i dont know!
  • B. He is deliberately waiting until the transfer window is over because his an evil bastard that is doing his upmost best to make us rot even after his gone. Scumbag of the highest order.
  • I went for C. But it’s Roland and his thinking is unique, so it could anytime the mood takes him.
  • Based on other voters C would now appear more likely.
  • February 30th I've been told.
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  • Why are people who voted D, so keen to be out of the blocks first and tell us that?

    B for me. 1st February. It's a sods law thing.
  • It's not before the Oxford game, prob mid-Feb.
  • February 30th I've been told.

    When was the last time you got your 4-0 win prediction right? :smile:

  • Stig said:

    Why are people who voted D, so keen to be out of the blocks first and tell us that?

    B for me. 1st February. It's a sods law thing.

    My reason is that the possibility of Roland still retaining a foothold in the Club was not an option.

    D was the closest option to that scenario but needed further explanation as outlined.
  • I voted D , I have a bad feeling he will sell and still own the Valley freehold which will be a disaster
  • B - only because I want another KR deadline day Oscar winning performance on Valley Pass
  • Voted B, but fear it could be the 12th of never.
  • Disappointed not to see the more likely option E.

    Roland is still in charge for the 2025/26 season when we are enjoying non-league football and chip portions are reduced to 13 in radical cost cutting measure implemented by new FD, Jock "I've sold my trousers" Muir.
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    Head says D, heart made me vote B. Think it's too late for A now.
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  • Voted B, because i'm a pessimist but not THAT MUCH of a pessimist.

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    D - New interest means this process will not be swift plus Roland is deluded.

    He’s still asking far too much and I’m not convinced any sale will go through.
  • I voted B. Duchatelet will want to sell all the best players first like he did at Liege.
  • He certainly wants to sell but will not accept the offers he's received until now.
    He's thinks he can reduce his losses by selling some players or hope for a miracle
    with results going our way.
    He can afford to wait until May but would not like to incur further losses with a new season.
    I therefore voted C.
  • I hovered over A,B & C,but went for D cause I think the fookin ole scrote will still be hovering around in some way shape or form,torturing us further from his bunker,leaving us festering over what remains of our beloved Club...

    Hope I'm so wrong in many ways,Just Sell The Club you C#*t
  • Voted C - with Konsa and Holmes on their way, it will be as plain as a pikestaff to any potential purchaser that this season is another write-off. Very sad.
  • I voted B and I think he will be looking for a facesaving exit strategy rather than being seen to have failed and he will be anxious not to be seen to have been hounded out whatever the rights and wrongs.
  • The fact that it's very close would indicate that in actual fact nobody has the fogiest idea if ,what or when might be happening. Voted for option 1 based on the fact surley it would be in everyones best interests to get it d
    one sooner rather than later.
  • I wish for A but voted D. Worrying that the speculation is a result of desperation. Also suspect the departure of Meire makes his life easier as it removes the hate figure which protests can centre on.
  • Voted A. I also voted earlier in the season that we'd finish top two so thought I'd keep my run of crap predictions going
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Roland Out!