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Charlton memorabilia - Russian doll

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I have recently been given this Charlton russian doll which a friend found in a second hand shop. Never seen one before. From the shirt and team members i would guess at 2001/2002. Anyone ever seen one?
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  • I'm not convinced that JJ was shorter than Solly.....
  • Solly is inside JJ....
  • Yep, I’ve got some! Got mine in a shop in Prague.
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  • also bought some in prague pretty rubbish but was unique enough to part with 20 euros for.
  • cabbie8 said:

    Yep, I’ve got some! Got mine in a shop in Prague.

    Bad luck getting Murphy instead of Jensen!
  • I preferred the one they did with Fraeye inside the laundry basket.
  • Another one from Prague here - not sure where it is but know it features Chris Iwelumo...
  • I believe these were readily available from Eastern Europe but not in UK, and could be got for lots of teams.
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  • the shop in prague had every prem, champ, league 1,league 2 and conference side ( the lower leagues didnt have players names and numbers on back )
  • I too have a set - in descending size order: Jensen, Euell, Kiely, Parker, Kishishev. Was a Secret Santa present some years ago.
  • Where's Smertin?

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