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Hats and scarves

You probably have it but I've got a Young Fish Costa Fortune ski hat, also somewhere a half and half scarf Charlton and Roda.

Let me know if you want either and I'll try and search them out


  • I don't have either, and thanks for the offer but you can keep them :-)
  • I will take them both
  • @Kap10

    Yes, the Museum would love to have both.
  • I fear the day that I once again come across my Bay City Rollers Charlton scarf - no I am not a girl but a punk band playing drummer from the 70s. Really not sure how I ended up buying it but I hope she was worth it!
  • theres a guy that gets off the train at barnehurst every day with a youngfishcostafortune hat
  • What about that blue coat with yellow armies. You still got that, Kap?
  • Sorry Ben I missed your reply will dig them out.
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