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Roland Duchatelet - 4 Years Of Failure

Must be coming up soon? Rolands 4 year ‘charlton Birthday’ since he took over the club, sell up, just admit defeat and move on, we are going backward at a rate of knots.


  • Was completed on 3rd January 2014.
  • Utter wanker
  • He attended 2 games in 4 years.

    Why on earth did he buy something that cost him lots of money....he wasn't interested in the sporting side of ....he made other people disillusioned from an emotionally attached franchise that is supposedly unbreakable.....He received a lot of bad press and a backlash that would have angered him which caused an invasion of privacy and embarrassed was not a forward thinking normal rule playing active investment.

    It was trying to achieve something by thinking outside the box and being arrogant enough to say "I can change football in England" via FFP rules, but without even having a hands on approach.

    What was in it for him?

    I think 6 months into it, he may have realized that he was not emotionally invested in us and regretted that he may not get the return on his money that he wanted.

    So he kept us and just made both parties more miserable.

    It was a huge uncalculated mistake on his part.

    His personal f*ck up spread its wings and affected a lot of people.

    Having said that, whoever is next to fill his boots...may also be really shit it sounds like.

    Are we doomed?

    We need a miracle.

    Someone that genuinely likes Charlton....please win a billion in the next few days.
  • 4 years is a long time.

    Too long for charlton to get so f*cked.

    But we are still alive and come out the other end.

    We will be back
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Roland Out!