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  • Charlton’s latest opponent in the Chaka Khan Trophy are Oxford United.

    Charlton or Oxford will make their way to the quarter finals after this game that contains zero added time in the event of a draw...

    Charlton beat premier league boys Swansea City to make the third round, while the OU boys pipped Gillingham. No VAR issues to mention from either game.

    The youthful Charlton side vs Swansea was made up of 11 of the club’s academy. Karl Robinson could well continue his faith in his youngsters, or give the first team a game that could boost confidence levels if it's a big win. Confidence levels will be destroyed though if a loss were to occur in that scenario... Expect a mix.

    Injured First Team Squaddies:
    Leon Best
    Jake Forster-Caskey
    Tariqe Fosu
    Chris Solly
    Billy Clarke
    Jason Pearce
    Naby Sarr

    Proving a 2 week injury can last a lifetime while at Charlton.

    I know nothing of Oxford and I don't want to make it obvious I have chopped and change the official match preview too much.

    Charlton have met Oxford a total of 40 times in all comps – Winning 17 to Oxford's 8, while the other 15 games were drawn.

    The Ref is Andy Haines, he could write a manual on dishing out yellows this season with 78 in 25 games. He's only brandished 4 reds, so expect one tonight when a player crunches him for sending Charlton out of the CopaCobana cup against Narridge.

    This was definitely not a stolen re-write of Ross's link.
  • For anyone interested(!)... More comments over here:
  • I hope we win. There. I said it.

  • Will this be the 'match thread' Ross1 ?

  • I’m going. This morning I felt like death warmed up but have had a Lazarus style recovery and I’m giving this one a go
  • Boycotting this useless competition...........until we reach Wembley of course.
  • So pumped for this. It's all everybody at work has been talking about this week. COYA!!!
  • Boycotting this useless competition...........until we reach Wembley of course.

    Even Wembley would not get me to attend.
    It's embarrassing enough to be in the bloody thing
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  • edited January 9

    My 16 year old son has managed to convince 10 of his non supporting Charlton friends that it’s a good idea to Leave the streets of Hornchurch to attend the game tonight.

    He’s has done more for target 20k than Squirrel face ever did.

    They won't be his friends after tonight :smile:
    Very true. I’m amazed that given that I’m not going, he’s taken it upon himself to go.

    I’ve suggested they pop in to Iceland, buy some frozen Vol-Au-Vents and throw them at the directors box. Fortunately they are a lot more grown up than I am and refused. Fu*king plastics.
  • Is this one not on TV tonight? :wink:
  • Oggy Red said:

    Will this be the 'match thread' Ross1 ?

    I doubt it
  • CHARLTON | Phillips, Dijksteel, Konsa, Jackson (c), Dasilva, Kashi, Aribo, Marshall, Ahearne-Grant, Reeves, Magennis. #cafc

    — Charlton Athletic FC (@CAFCofficial) January 9, 2018
  • Jacko at centre back?
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