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Take over talk

Did any one else see story in News shopper, Peter Varney is leaving Ebbfleet at the week-end, but were very clear that it was nothing to do with a take over at Charlton.................... We know he did have a consortium trying for a take over, so perhaps that is the other group. If so surely that would be the better option, after all it was him and Murry at the start. I'm not sure though if Murry & Varney had a bit of a falling out, which is why he left when he did. Mind you will Murry have much of an input in any of this. Trouble is do you think he will just go for the highest bidder or what is best for Charlton. Its a shame when the team needs a lot of help with new faces at a time when we could up for promotion. Lets hope this time we get it right.


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