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RIP Peter Preston of the Guardian (some Charlton relevance)

The former Guardian editor from 1975-94 has passed away aged 79. He continued to write regularly for them, his last article appearing just a few days ago.

Furthermore, while I had heard a lot about him from the Guardian journo who covered the Valley party, Martin Thorpe, I never had any contact with him - until last month when we were recalling 25 years of our return to the Valley.

Alone of the nationals the Guardian under Peter Preston had felt that the story of Charlton leaving - and returning to - The Valley was worthy of a news editorial. Both are wonderfully written and I was convinced they were his own work. So I asked Owen Gibson if he could try to find out, so i could credit him when i re-posted them. Peter replied directly to me the same day.

Dear Richard, I was indeed an occasional attendee on Charlton's magnificent terraces (when - sheepishly - Millwall were playing away) - but I didn't write this terrific leader. It's surely one by my friend and former deputy editor. I'll forward it to him and see. Very best Peter

Yes. I had forgotten that he was a Spanner! Notwithstanding that, this is an email I will treasure.

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