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Formal Complaint made re Katrien Meire LinkedIn profile

Following repeated personal message requests to Katrien Meire on her LinkedIn profile to do so, she has so far (midnight on 5th Jan 2018) refused to remove the Charlton Athletic logo from her main profile picture.

Therefore, a formal complaint has now been logged in the following terms with the LinkedIn administrators citing inaccurate profile information:

The profile holder was, in the opinion of the majority of Charlton Athletic supporters, a deeply unpopular CEO of the above football club for 4 years from 2014 to 31st December 2017. Any internet search or press search will support this statement. Katrien Meire resigned from her post as Charlton Athletic CEO on the 31st December 2017 and has now (from 1st January 2018) taken up a similar role at Sheffield Wednesday FC.

However, Katrien Meire is continuing to use the branded Club logo of Charlton Athletic FC on her main profile picture. Would you please ask her to remove it forthwith as she no longer has any official connection with that club; the profile picture is therefore inaccurate and indeed, I find it offensive in the sense that I would not wish to be reminded on LinkedIn of her association with this Club - one whose history she once dismissed with the words 'I don't care.' (Je m’en fous de l’historie du club’’ - L’Echo, Brussels 29/09/15)


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    I work nights
  • Anyone got connections with the blades ? a few chorus's of LIAR would be nice :smiley:
  • Don't worry about contacting Blades fans - won't be too long before it's Wednesday fans singing Liar and asking us to borrow the banner
  • I work nights

    Posting on CL. Where can I get a job like that?
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  • lolwray said:

    I really don't think this achieves any purpose ..just my opinion ...

    Fair enough, just mine as well - that's what we are all doing on here isn't it?
    Guess it would be a dull board otherwise!
  • Dave2l said:

    She hasn't refused to remove it, she just hasn't bothered. If she didn't reply to emails etc when she was the CEO, then she is probably unlikely to remove a LinkedIn profile picture immediately after a fan of a club she no longer works for, requests it.

    She is a talking point for sure but it's getting a little too much.

    I miss the days when Charlton was just about competitive football...and off field issues were not really that interesting.

    To be fair, this really isn't that interesting ;)

    Also, my LinkedIn profile is 6+ months out of date now and LinkedIn is used relatively commonly in my field.
  • Move on people, she has left!!!!!

    Mmmmm.......yes and no!
  • I use the club emblem as my WhatsApp image - do I need to remove it? #confused
  • I use the club emblem as my WhatsApp image - do I need to remove it? #confused

    Only if you've switched team
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  • Anyone got connections with the blades ? a few chorus's of LIAR would be nice :smiley:

    @eaststandmike is about the best bet or there is @SheffieldRed :wink:
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    I can fully understand some folk wanting to let off a bit of steam in her direction.....the wounds of her tenure at The Valley are still very evident and her toxicity will remain for a good while yet.
    Let’s not fall out over whether someone wants to fire off a few passing shots at her, she’d likely enjoy the thought of that as would those who post on “The site who’s name shall not be mentioned”.
    It will slowly but surely slow down to a trickle and as Kevin Nolan said to me a couple of weeks back and I quote........”One day we’ll all look back at this and laugh.”
    As I said in a previous post.....The Valley has been toxic for 4 long painful years and needs decontaminating and ASAP, but some folk do feel the need to demonstrate their anger......I can get that.
    So let them have their day in the sun if it’s going to make them feel more a part of the Addicks family and maybe a part of the decontamination process as they would see it.......after all, it’s not really doing any harm is it.

  • lolwray said:

    I really don't think this achieves any purpose ..just my opinion ...

    As the author of the OP I hope to make my last (if not the last comment) on this thread - although that does create a hostage to fortune......................

    @lolway doesn't think the the LinkedIn complaint achieves any purpose and I can understand that in the wider context - certainly given that Meire is no longer at Charlton and any day now (hopefully) the Club will be rid of it's despicable owner and we can all indeed move on to new things.

    What I would say is that Katrien Meire was never loathe to get her PR people to conduct regular trawls of Social Media/web sites in order to remove any perceived criticism or inaccurately presented information where she could. Why should Meire not be subject to the same level of scrutiny when she is pedalling incorrect information on a site which is dedicated to the presentation of professional accreditation?

    As mentioned in an earlier posting Meire lives and breathes Branding and yet cannot take the time to correct her own profile and is therefore still 'branded' in the LinkedIn community to the Charlton (brand) club.

    Any request fro the LI admin to correct her profile would maybe cause a little embarrassment - don't really know - so I guess it is uncertain what is achieved other than an indication to Meire that she is not above the same kind of scrutiny that she likes to deal out to others and will no doubt continue to employ as a tactic in her new role.

    Like, I say, final thoughts really - over to you to comment further or put to bed and get to the more pertinent threads on here.
  • If you owned or were a director of a company and learned that a random individual was making demands about how your logo was used, what would your first reaction be?
  • Two to go....
  • Like @SDAddick, LinkedIn is part of my professional life. I use it daily. As a rough estimate around 20% of profiles I look at have obviously not been updated for several months or more. I am sure she will get round to it, once she has silenced the pesky Massive forums, because she will wish to boast to the world about her "promotion".

    Having said all that, I am with @Uboat above on on this :-)
  • Addickted said:

    Two to go....

    If the big man goes the rest will follow.
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