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Having a lack of strikers... now taking it's toll. It's putting pressure on the rest of the team. Midfield to score and to stay strong consistantly as a defensive unit. I feel for the lads out there. If we han't had the injuries as badly as they are and we had the strikers we would be well in the play-offs. That is because with the pressure off the the rest they would perform better. Up till mid to late November we had been turning draws into wins or losses into at least draws if bot wins. But it was probably going to take it's toll and even more with the injury situation. We needed the window to open at the beggining of December when we were still in a strong position. It has proved one month too many. What you can't legislate for either is Tony Watt to all counts had a poor attitude or Lee Novak who didn't want to play 2nd fiddle to Josh or a striker based in the North West wanting to stay in the North West and being landed with striker who can't build on his debut. In may ways I feel sorry for Josh who has too much pressure on him. Hopefully Karl can get the reinforements in that can push us on again. This has been why we have had performances like at Southend and first half against Gillingham. It's not an excuse, it's a fact! Simple as that!


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Roland Out!