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Being honest...

Can you honestly believe just how badly things have regressed in the last two months??



  • I would say no but as Roly has expertise in screwing up it is hard to not expect the impossibly terrible slump.
  • Was thinking this today. We have royally f****d this up.
  • Yes as plenty have predicted it with the lack of Squad Depth etc.

    Wasn't sure myself if it would happen as though we could survive the season on minimal injuries yet not surprised.
  • No. Didn't think it was possible to do this 2 years on the spin....but we've managed it!
  • We have genuinely been unfortunate with injuries.
  • We have genuinely been unfortunate with injuries.

    We have but the slide began before that.
  • Let’s hope a takeover happens, or dread to think where we’re heading.
  • We have genuinely been unfortunate with injuries.

    Do we really know that they are not all rsi of the ear?
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  • We're lucky 6th place is still there to play for. We're already 11 points of 5th place though....which is shocking based on where we ended Nov.

    For the rest of the season we're basically in a mini league with Peterboro, Pompey & Rotherham. The winner obviously makes the playoffs....and I fancy Peterboro to be that team rather than us to be honest!
  • Yes, all the ingredients for this awful run of form were noticeable: Injury to key players, poor squad, a non goal scoring striker, A tactically rigid manager, and a history of entering 10/15 winless runs under Roland.

    No different to last season under KR, the season before that under The Interim, and the season before that under Peeters.
  • Yes, I can believe it. This is Charlton.
  • Not this bad but anyone who reads my posts knows that I have been saying since the start of June that we needed some decent strikers & was very critical of KR to hold out for Reeves instead of assembling a well balanced squad.

    I'm also sad to say that nothing will improve until we get new owners & KR goes.
  • Yes at Walsall we were absolutely woeful a shambles of a team , shit tactics and shit attitudes

    There was no injury crisis that night just a little insight to the future
  • 'Fraid so. Have never been Robinson's biggest fan tbh and he's out the door the minute any takeover happens. We all know that, including the players.

    Yep we've had a run of injuries but we cannot keep using the squad depth to excuse his limited ability to organise and react during the match.
  • Stig said:

    Yes, I can believe it. This is Charlton.

    What he said ^
  • The fact we only had one senior striker to speak of was an early warning sign.
  • Agree. And if this takeover doesn't happen early on in this transfer window it will get a lot worse!
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  • edited January 1
    Yes. Overall a poor squad and a manager with absolutely no tactical intelligence. Who can only play one way and tries to force that way no matter what players he has available, and struggles when things aren’t going well. I never expected anything else that mid table even when we were getting results.
  • Yes I can believe it, we have a terrible owner plus an average at best manager who successfully convinced some fans he is a great manager because we play "nice football", he shows "passion" and he had one good season a few years back.

    Bring on the takeover so we can start attracting genuine quality again.
  • Another season in league one I'm afraid.

    Hopefully the 2018/19 season will begin with a new owner and manager.

    Nothing majorly against KR, I just think for the long term...he ain't gana be any good.
  • Can you believe that they wouldn’t have? Same old same old.
    The club is rotten from the man at the top to his team.
  • Yes. It’s no surprise at all, as every season under these twats has been a thinly disguised shambles.
  • I'm so glad I decided to not go today. This club is in decline ( again) and for some reason the players seem to be getting off scott free when the criticism is handed out. Sure Roland is at fault as is Robinson and we know these players have the ability but do they have the balls? I don't think so.
  • Dot on the cards from the start of the season when clear we didn't have enough goals upfront. The bigger surprise was the run in Sept/Oct.
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