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So, monday..

Due to our recent good news, anyone going now who didn't intend to?
any boycotters back for maybe a slightly premature celebration?


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    Next four games will define the season. Must beat teams like Oldham and Gillingham at home.

    I would have gone but away in Torquay
  • NO!!

    The boycott stays in place all the time RD owns the club.


    With you on that eaststandmike...100%
  • Top men. 5 x replies all staying away.
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  • When he is gone, I will be back. Not a second before. Whilst this talk is encouraging, and most would hope that the club will change hands very soon, it's also possible that nothing will happen until the end of the season. If that's the case, with crucial roles within the club being vacated, the running of the club could deteriorate further. I will not line Roland's pockets whilst he continues to run the club into the ground.
  • Not until we are free. Dartford v Welling for me.
  • No from me, not until the last bit of cancer has been removed.

  • No. I won't be back until they've all gone. However, I have a feeling January 1st will be a big day for Charlton.

    I don't claim to be in the know. That's just a hunch
  • Had to get my two season tickets for Christmas , couldn’t risk them clearing off to support some other team.
  • Not back at a game until he's gone.
  • Nope, not until he's gone.
  • well thats good then. You lot can all stay away & Me & Golfie Jnr can continue to be able to park right by the ground & have as many seats as we like between us.
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  • Not me either, not a penny to him.
  • Charlton V Burnley was my last & won't be going back until he is gone, lock stock & barrel.
  • Won’t be back until he’s gone, haven’t been to The Valley since December 2015
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    T_C_E said:

    Nope, I'll walk my dogs. ;)

    Cats don't need walking!
  • If Duchatelet sells both the club and The Valley and if the new owners aren't spivs, A_K would hope to return. Until then, A_K stays away.
  • I had freebie tickets for Blackpool, I then spoilt my family’s Boxing Day by going to Southend.
    I’ve had enough, even when I’m not putting anything into the coffers of de club.
    When the regime changes I’ll end my boycott of all things connected to Belgium.
  • for what this is worth and i know you have heard or seen it before but those of us who have continued to go do miss you who dont for what it is worth and with respect
  • I am back for Oldham
  • Starting to get excited to see my first game at The Valley in over two years but not until I know my hard earned money is not going in to RD pockets.
  • Redhenry JR wouldn't let me stay away
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