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Meire to step down as CEO!!!!! :-)



  • Will she still be on the FA committee?

    I wonder if she will see some of her old customers in her new role?
  • Delighted, hopefully for the first time in ages we can start moving forward as a club.

    Really looking forward to the upcoming home matches
  • a bit late but the best Christmas present i've had this year.
  • I just can't wait for next edition of VOTV. Come on Rick this calls for a special edition.
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  • It's a few days late Katrien but that's one hell of a Christmas present. Cheers!
  • Potentially brilliant news, although Roland will obviously make his choice of new owners to suit him rather than us. I wish that we had someone stronger than Richard Murray to represent us at this time. Excellent Charlton supporter that he is, his judgement beginning with easing Curbs out has been abysmal.
    Now is the time for us, the true Addicks to make clear our love and support for OUR Club, to demonstrate to potential owners that we are something special, and that for them this is very exciting opportunity. Onwards and upwards !
  • Interesting she only has to give a months notice. In many organisations once you go above a certain level your notice period is 3 months.

    SDAddick said:

    Holy shit what news to wake up to!

    That said, the problem remains at the top.

    Meire was a huge problem. A new competent CEO under Roland would still leave the club in a much better position than right now.

    Takeover definitely happening. No way Meire would quit otherwise. Can see it being in the next couple of weeks.

    Only concern is January window. We need it done Asap as Roland isn't going to spend before selling
    Id say a couple of weeks is spot on. No large organisation let their CEO leave with a months notice they may be billing this as Meires decision but id say the new owners want rid. Two weeks and her months notice soon becomes 2 weeks gardening leave, her uncle now owns a rather large garden in Belgium now.
    For some reason Richard Cawley has deleted his tweet, but I grabbed the text:

    Got to wonder where this leaves transfer plans. Rare that a chief executive allowed to leave just before window opens. Unless notice has already been worked.
    can't see it makes a difference to plans as RM can do what KM was going to do. Actually, a two year old could do it.

  • For me, this is like one of those where were you when Kennedy was shot moments.

    I was in the Charlton club shop, when The news broke on Twitter, man o man, I’ll let you guess the reaction.

    No, tell us @Mendonca In Asdas
  • A potential takeover is mentioned by Murray in the article. It's clearly very very close!
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    PWR hallelujah..................
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  • oooooooohhhhhh myyyy gooooooooooooooooooodd
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    Just brilliant news.

    Sale of club might be weeks, or even days away.
  • Will she take Sue Parkes with her?
  • She must've fallen out with RD, why else would she resign just before a take-over?
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