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Meire to step down as CEO!!!!! :-)



  • great news. Shame she is only trending at #12 on twitter at the moment, sure that will upset her more

  • Trying not to be too ecstatic. Let's hope that this really is the turning point. Like it or not, I have stopped going to The Valley. I'm already looking forward to being there again.
  • Good fuck off out of our club, hopefully a sign that the regime may be moving on
  • I'm delighted of course.... I just had visions of her making her exit in a laundry trolley like Karel....
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  • Great, clear off, you have been useless.
    Let’s hope at your next job you get the burger orders right.
    Sale must be very close.
  • How do I fix my settings. She's only at Number 20 on mine?
  • More of Roland’s staff to follow soon?
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  • Well this would appear to be an indicator , as the rat leaves the sinking ship.

    However, this almost certainly means RD will sell players in the window and sign no one. Whilst it looks like the end of the Katriene & Roland regime, I think we can forget about this season, other than a stay in leauge 1.

    I think it take that to be honest. It’s been shit for 4 years so another few months won’t make any difference.
    I'll take that can rebuild season after under the new regime.
  • Jon2461 said:

    Also reinstate Floyd & Harvey.

    WTF ?

  • Yay..happy happy joy joy.

    Get In!!! :smiley:
  • cazo said:

    Bye bye meire.remember the day you pulled the blinds down on us in the car park.whose laughing now

    Charlton supporters there long after Meire & Duchatelet have gone.
  • Ideas for a leaving present?

    A shovel: To fill in the huge hole she created at this great club, and those ditches left at Sparrows Lane!
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