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Meire to step down as CEO!!!!! :-)



  • Anyone want to buy one of these , last few left , get in quick

    Hopefully they won't be needed soon!
  • That Seb, that is how you do a Christmas message.
  • Truly truly fantastic news , who says there's no Santa Claus ? Just Roland to go, then bring it on !!!

    Charlton Athletic are having a party, bring your Vodka and your Charlie !!!!!
  • Honestly felt as low as I have ever done after that disgusting performance at Southend . This news has given me a real boost . Now just sell .
  • TEL said:

    Fans 1 Katrien Meire 0

    Think it was about 10-0 at the last count !!!
  • vffvff
    edited December 2017
    I knew checking Charlton Life / Newsnow & takeover thread for the 1,000th time would eventually pay off ! Perserverence & hope against the odds, it’s in the DNA of every Charlton supporter. The incompetent Meire gone.

    Best Birthday & Christmas news & gift. Get in !!!!

    Just Duchatelet to go now.
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  • edited December 2017
    She's leaving to set up a small shop called Desserts R Us. It will be a Meire trifle compared to being CEO of CAFC.
  • Looks like it will certainly be a happy 2018 for Charlton fans. YES!!!!!!!
  • Ideas for a leaving present?
  • great news. Shame she is only trending at #12 on twitter at the moment, sure that will upset her more
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  • Ideas for a leaving present?

    14 chips and a tin of yellow paint.
  • Excellent news but as usual the club let us down with the timing. If they knew in early december, they could have announced it pre Blackpool and had a party. Might even have given the attendences a boost.

  • Well this would appear to be an indicator , as the rat leaves the sinking ship.

    However, this almost certainly means RD will sell players in the window and sign no one. Whilst it looks like the end of the Katriene & Roland regime, I think we can forget about this season, other than a stay in leauge 1.
  • great news. Shame she is only trending at #12 on twitter at the moment, sure that will upset her more

  • Get in!!!
  • Fantastic news
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