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Meire to step down as CEO!!!!! :-)

From the cloob...


  • Source? Suspect if true your like count will go through the roof lol
  • Fantastic !!!!!!
  • If anything deserves the it's happening gif then it's this.
  • yes, get in. Happy day.
  • One out the door, now we just need Roland to follow suit and with him saying openly he’s in talks regarding a takeover that could well be soon!

    Get in!
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  • About bloody time.
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  • Please let this be saving face before the takeover
  • WOO HOO take over. Whos the chap with the 'its happening' gif. Get it up here NOW
  • Get in, hopefully part one of a two part belated Xmas present!
  • Roland to take a 'more active role'.hmmmm
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