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Xmas Threads - Earliest wake up call

Whose kids have had them up since silly o clock?

Pretty good here. They woke up at the standard daily time at 5.56 and then come in with us to an agreed 6.20. From about 6.15 they were literally jumping up and down with excitement!!


  • Seriously though, 5.45 and not the ages mentioned above.
  • 6.30 and going strong (they are 8 and 11). My wife went back to bed
  • All mine are still asleep, still woke up at 5:00 though.
  • 7:15, which isn’t too bad.
  • No kids here but still wide awake at 5am. Excitement - nah. Jet lag - yep. But still love Christmas.
  • No kids wake up call but up for work at 5.15 and at work for 6.30!!!!!!
  • Rude awakening at 8.50 when Mrs Stig stretched across the bed to give me a Christmas kiss and leant on my beer gut.
  • Talal said:

    10.15 Just got up.
    Looked out the window and there's a guy cleaning his car. Bizarre.

    Must have gotten his wife a crap present and has either been banished from his house or is hiding out there
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  • No kids. Reading this in bed after my breakfast. Getting up in a while.
  • My little one got a nasty chest infection, none of us have had any kip! Miserable day!
  • About 9am. Not bad considering one of them is 8.
  • 11am (but then again we celebrate on Christmas Eve in Denmark).
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    Not too bad in our house this one...littleun dragging me & the sheets off of us just before 7...couple of hrs lay in from last year tho..."thumbs up"
  • My 5 year old woke up at 3:20 because of a nightmare and never really went back to sleep.
    I've woken up with a sore throat feeling quite unwell.
  • My daughter woke at 1am GMT. But as that's 8am here that's pretty good.

    I'd woken much earlier with stomach cramps followed by a half hour sit on the toilet! Not the best start to Christmas Day! Seems OK now though. Red wine cures everything.
  • One woke at 6:30 but went back to sleep. I didn't. Kids came through at 8. Whoever invented the gro--clock deserves the Nobel peace prize
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    Had lay-in today, up at 8.

    Daughter woken up by her kids at 6, all presents opened by 7, nothing broken yet :wink:

    Son in Thailand, had morning on beach, then cooking lesson to make his Xmas dinner from local produce.
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  • 3.45am no it wasn't any of the grandchildren, but one of the cats we inherited last year.
    Think she just wanted to show me that she had done a dump in the litter tray.

    Ended up feeding her as she was totally disinterested in opening her present. That's all the thanks you get for rescuing them.

  • Didn’t get to bed before 2 cooking the meat for today and being Santa bringing the pressies in and they woke at 5am 8(
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