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Hazard, De Bruyne & Salah

Chelsea bought the three for less than £50m with just £6.7m of that paid for Salah and £11m for De Bruyne. Great business and fantastic work by their scouts that - what an attacking three they've proven to be this season. Pity they sold the two best players in the PL though.


  • Might as well chuck Lukaku in for good measure.
  • Might as well chuck Lukaku in for good measure.

    He wouldn't make the best three players in the PL though. But I suppose as the target man up top he'll do for now. Chelsea paid £18m for him so Chelsea signed him plus De Bruyne and Salah for a total of £35.7m - and they were purchased by their current clubs for a mere £164m!
  • I’d say David Silva is the 4th
  • I still think Marco Marin could come good.........
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    De Bruyne is super human, with Salah looking like he's not far behind. Thank goodness they're not all at Chelsea now.
  • For a minute there, I thought they're the 3 players we're getting in on loan!
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