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Bank Holidays - Should We Have More Of Them?

Given the fact that the Royal Harry is due to wed next year , there has been talk of a 'potential' Royal Bank Holiday being decreed (personally i don't think it will happen , but would like it to happen).

But it then raises the question, should we be having more Bank Holidays each year anyway, or will it make us a nation of lazy gits.

Not sure if this link is true , but anyhow it states that we have the 2nd lowest amount of Bank Holidays in the WORLD, Finland has 15!!

So have we got it about right , or should we have more of them , personally would love to see 1 at least once a month.


  • I'd be happy with 1 paid one
  • Yes... Should have 364 of them!!
  • Less.
    Get out there and work.
  • No more, we have enough already!
  • By the sound of things the Royal Wedding will be in May so no doubt on one of the two Bank Holidays that already exist.
  • It'd only mean DIY or a trip to the shops so no thanks.
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    An extra 5 would suffice.
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    I'm sure i read not long ago that we had one of the fewest number of bank holidays anywhere in the world. So i reckon a couple more, better spread wouldn't go amiss.

    I can only imagine those that don't think we should are contractors?

    My employer would say otherwise, but then I am on here replying to this during work hours, so maybe he has a point.

    Ed. Sorry - i didn't bother to read the article, 2nd lowest...that's poor.
  • I'd like to see one or two later in the year, November for remembrance day for instance.
  • No, they just encourage excessive drinking and laziness
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  • Yes, they just encourage excessive drinking and laziness.
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    No, they just encourage excessive drinking and laziness

    That's working you're talking about, surely? Bank Holidays are the only time I actually get things done!
  • Portugal has more bank holidays, but they are always on the date they should be. That means if they fall on a weekend, you don't get the Monday off instead - so it may not be as many as it first appears. That said, if they fall on a Thursday or a Tuesday some companies allow a bridging day, so you get a four day weekend.
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