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Which school were you at?



  • Chis & Sid, like Red Pete I notice. It was all rugby when I was there - almost a riot when some of the boys got a petition together to play football...
  • Eltham C of E 75-81
    Eaglesfield 81-87 (Hawk house with the Lovely Mr Keith - Wonder if he's dead now)
  • st thomas more , eltham 85-90

    so who are you f blocker ? must know you

    whisper me
  • Barrington Infants
    Brampton Juniors
    Bexley Grammar Schook 1987-1994 (Same year as AFKA)
  • [cite]Posted By: JohnBoyUK[/cite]Barrington Infants
    Brampton Juniors
    Bexley Grammar Schook 1987-1994 (Same year as AFKA)

    For all of them ! And you could chuck in Warwick Rd nursery before that as well !!
  • [cite]Posted By: Carter[/cite]Bloody hell!! I started school when AFKA left!!

    Chatham South 92-97

    Chatham Grammar for Boys... right next door to you splitter. 89-96
  • Roan 81-85
    Eltham College 85-87
  • Roan was a school in self destruction after about 82 as all the decent teachers left.

    I saw Alfie Knott a couple of weeks ago in Greenwich and said hello, not sure he remebered me though.
  • Welling School 00-05. Went Hillsgrove primary always beat Brampton at Swimming etc down at crook log.
  • kidbrooke park juniors

    eltham green - with paulbaconsarnie as he said same year and all that - think we were the only 2 CAFC fans there or it seemed like it. Surrounded by Millwall
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  • coming late to the party here but i also went to Dartford Grammar (86-91) then moved to the Leigh CTC to do my A' levels
  • St Pauls Abbey wood 84-89
  • Crofton School, Brockley. As far as I can remember I was the only Charlton fan in my whole year. Nice.
  • Uplands Primary School (long before it was turned into a Huf Haus) followed by Bexley Grammar, 84-91
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: roseandcrown[/cite]dont suppose you know some called Kevin Comber?[/quote]

    he was in my year at eaglesfield, use to know him well....
  • woolwich poly 81-86
  • Beths 85-90, westwood infants and juniors before that
  • Abbey Wood School (must have taken them ages to come up with the name)

    I was there from 87-92 and I'm not ashamed to admit it (well...just a bit)
  • [cite]Posted By: MCS[/cite]i no a few in that year too! One of em posts on here as our resident away fan, Mortain!

    Close but no cigar mate, I was in the purple tie (left eaglesfield in 98).

    Big bro Mortain was in the silver tie.
  • bump for cafckev :-)
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  • St.Pauls Wood Hill Junior (66-72)
    Edgebury (72-75)
    Kemnal Manor (Cray Valley) (75-78).
  • Our Lady of Grace Charlton 1985 til 1992

    St Pauls RC 1992 till 1996
  • Torridon Road Primary....1956/59
    Catford Boys (When it was a bloody good school!) 1959/64
  • Sandhurst Primary, Catford 71- 77
    Catford Boys, 77 - 84 (when it started to go down the toilet)
  • Rathfern Primary / Fairlawn Primary - 196? t0 68
    Raines Foundation Grammar School - 1968 - 75
  • Woolwich Poly 95 - 99
  • Woolwich Poly 84 - 89
  • EAGLESFIELD 1984-1989

    Great days!!!!
  • Plumcroft 81-88
    Woolwich Poly 88-95
  • St Augustines Belvedere 65-71

    Elsa Road (Now Welling Secondary) 71-76....when I was there that is....


    Bit sad when reading the thread...came across The Boat posting that he was still at school :-( probably know my Eldest son Greig....went to your school living in Sydney
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