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KR interview with our youtuber ( asks covered end to give away keepers stick)



  • Excellent interview. Really enjoyed it.
  • Excellent. Thanks for that. Looking forward to more.
  • Great interview. KR is a top bloke
  • Great interview, well done

    I can imagine players wanting to play for KR, he has that sort of infectious personality that must inspire some loyalty
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  • Good interview, both come across very well. Good on Karl for doing it and well done Jamie, future there for you for sure!
  • Well done mate, fantastic!
  • Love Robbo
  • I don't think CARD could have scripted an interview better about what was wrong with the club and what needs to change.

    Very good interview.
  • Top man Robbo
  • Enjoyed that. KR is certainly beginning to win me over.
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  • Excellent - KR comes across well. Let's hope he gets the right support (from whoever ends up owning the club.)
  • Pleasing that he's still miffed that we didn't beat Millwall at home last season.
  • Good video. Keep up the good work.
  • Enjoyed him giving a little bit of stick at the end - really good interview
  • Really enjoyed that.

    I have to say it’s hard not to warm to the man, he does come across as genuine and sincere, even though he kept reminding me of Robbie Savage.

  • Just subscribed to his channel although I am far too old to be doing such things. KR comes across very well in that and Jamie may be about to create a career for himself.
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