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Whilst looking at some posts tonight , i noticed a username that was 'active' but didnt recognise the name, so clicked on his/her profile to find he/her joined in 2011 but had made no posts or discusions- but was last logged in at 17.20 tonight.
Whilst its everyone's prerogative to just read the comments and not contribute, i would have thought there would have been at least a couple of things over those six years that would have illuminated CL ?

I'm not denigrating it, just find it a bit strange.


  • @j_lo is a voyeur..... one post in all the time he’s been on here. And it was about jim Davidson
  • Roland, he’s done sweet FA for the club, since he’s taken over.
  • I wish some were a bit more inactive

    Damn right.
  • I wish some were a bit more inactive

    Look into mate and consider banning some of them :wink:
  • I wish some were a bit more inactive

    Amen to that Brother.
  • I wish some were a bit more inactive

    Amen to that Brother.
    As KM says we are all to old , with to much time on our hands , and to bloody opinionated !
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  • Come on Pres, name and shame:-)
  • Second post Iceman and you have a Like
  • TonyBurgerVanMan never posts but gets a tad mifffed about naughty words on mega threads he dont read but gets told about
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  • The Iceman Cometh !!!!!!!
  • Eddickted said:

    Really weird you should say that Pres. I noticed a name this morning that I did not recognise so out of curiosity clicked on it and was staggered to see they had signed in over 15,000 times and never posted!

    So I looked down the list of 280 members that were logged in at that time and there was about a dozen names I did not recognise. Nearly all had logged in thousands of times and virtually all had made five or less comments.

    Anyway, welcome to all of you. No one is under any obligation to contribute to the site in any way they don't want to, we are just grateful for the support and that you see reason to keep visiting so regularly.

    If any do feel the urge to pipe up, go for it!

    Fuck me.......Barbara Streisand posts on here.
  • Maybe there should be a temporary reprieve for @NathanPrior , just for shits and giggles like.
  • edited November 2017
    I am AFKA's brother..currently at a drinks trolley.. ..will give this 5 minutes before this is deleted and account closed down.....
  • Welcome @Iceman

    You go back to your hut with a Promote mate. That one post was better than 56,000 of @Henry Irvings


    Henry's locked away ripping apart one of his old cardigans with tears in his eyes now.
  • Iceman said:

    I wonder if one of those people you have noticed on the list is me! Thought I’d say hello!

    I’ve been a member since 2011 and notice by my stats that I’ve logged in nearly 5,000 times since then. I was a user long before then too - I can’t remember why I joined in 2011 as never really intended to post. In fact, my one and only post so far was in the thank you thread to Chris Powell, as felt inclined to break my silence to show my respect to him.

    I visit this site multiple times during the day, mainly to keep up to date on team/transfer/takeover news. I’m not too interested in the non-Charlton stuff, although sometimes interesting to read differing opinions or for some amusement on a slow day. Truth be told, I don’t want to get in the habit of posting on here as I suspect I would get addicted! I already waste a lot of time at work scrolling through posts, so I wouldn’t get anything done if I started writing them too! I do feel like I know a lot of you which is weird, but I’ve read a lot of posts from certain people over the years!

    I love the site and will continue to read through it. Who knows, maybe I will become more active one day. I was a season ticket holder for 17 years until I boycotted last year, am pro-CARD and of course anti-Roland. I pray the takeover rumours are true so that I can start going back to my beloved Valley. I get to about 6/7 away games per year.

    COYR and Roland Out!!

    Who’s your favourite poster.......errrrrm, could it be moi by any chance?
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Roland Out!