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Can we find one of our Holy Grails?

Valley Pass has posted the whole of the final game at the Valley verses Stoke City.
You can pretty well hear The Red Red Robin played at the beginning and it is the version recorded by the Billy Cotton Band that spells out the team name at the end.
For those who have Valley Pass check it out, it is when the camera is panning the players before kick off, and shortly after the announcer tells us that the mascot's favourite player is Mark Aizlewood.
This version is a totally unique and near priceless treasure, and it must be found. Even if that only a clear recording exists that can be copied and cleaned up for broadcast.
If it can be found it should replace the version we have now, it is virtually identical to the current version except with the charming bit spelling out our name at the end.
Surely someone somewhere (sometime?) can find this particular Robin and bring it home?


  • Some old work colleagues used to take the pee out Red Red Robin, in the naivety of youth I agreed it was a terrible song. They were Man U and Palace fans respectively and believed that Battle Hymn of the Republic and Glad All Over were better songs.

    Over the years, I have grown to love Red Red Robin. Its an integral part of that special feeling that you get from the Valley. That, and the walk down Floyd Rd, the smell of burgers and wet grass and the feeling that we might just get three points today.
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Roland Out!