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England Vs Charlton

I have been ridiculed by my mates for years for saying that i would rather Charlton won the FA cup/got promoted back to the premier league than England win the World Cup or Euros. I am massively outnumbered by my mates i just wondered what other peoples opinions were?


  • Its a real mixture - Chelsea, Arsenal, Nigels, Brighton, Tranmere, West Ham, Spurs, QPR
  • Charlton for me. Suspect most of your mates are TV fans not every weekers.
  • Totally agree, guys.
  • I find it hard to share space with 'locals'.
    Supporting Charlton from a distance is ideal for me.
    I lived in 3 countries and never failed to betray each one of them on crucial home games.
    Last year I flew over to attend 1 charlton match at great expense. It was away to Rochdale so my love is intact. Back in my Croydon days, attending more then 2 home games in a row and I began to flirt with the opposition. ...

    ...Expensive therapy has so far came to nada...
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  • Don't get me wrong i support England, i just can't fathom how people have more attachment to a team that play 12 times a year to the team you support week in week out
  • I seem to remember we've had this thread before.
  • For me England winning the world cup would be exciting depending where I was... If I was in the stadium for the final, then England or Charlton would be amazing, at the pub, England would be the most fun. The excitement would die down swiftly thereafter
  • Rob said:

    I seem to remember we've had this thread before.

    Like many, many others...
  • I'd rather see Charlton promoted to the Championship than England win the world cup... I just can't relate to any of them... the last time I gave a fig was the "golden generation" every since it's meant hardly anything to me...

  • Couldn't care less about England
    Couldn't care more about Charlton
  • edited November 2017
    In order of priority:

    1 England win the World Cup (still the biggest sporting competition in the world, imagine how incredible it would be across the country)
    2 Charlton win the League
    3 Charlton win the FA Cup
    4 Charlton get back into the Prem
    5 England win the Euros
  • Club over country. Anyone who says different is wrong. Fuck all these Dele Alli merchants, Joe Aribo and co is who i care about
  • Pre Roland , never a question , now I’m not so sure

    Feck off Roly you twunt
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  • England for me.
  • England winning the World Cup for me.
  • Charlton for me
  • Charlton winning something all day long
  • England - I can't be that parochial, much as I love the Addicks.
  • Charlton by some distance
  • England over Charlton by a distance.
  • would love to see England win either the WC or the Euro's

    would love Charlton to get back to the championship (and win the F A Cup) couldn't give a stuff if we never made it back to the prem

    England winning something would edge it for me
  • WC 86 & 90 and Euros 96, I would've given anything for England to win, probably over Charlton winning something.

    But those days were massive piss ups and then a disco afterwards.

    Now though, think I'd prefer Charlton to win something and for England to get knocked out in the 2nd round by Timbuktu.
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