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Melbourne Cup

I know bugger all about horses, but apparently Wall of Fire is a great bet.



    Live stream to watch. Race is in 20 minutes.
  • Red Cardinal - bigger let down than Charlton
  • a very hard race to bet on in fairness.
  • Biggest race of the year for them is a 2m handicap. Says it all really
  • what is more entertaining is how smashed they get, some proper states makes aintree look like finishing school
  • Wall of fire finished 16th

    I told you so. I know nothing about horses.
  • 9 of the first 11 were trained in Europe and the other two horses were imported from there.

    The Aussies really don't like losing so expect a three stone penalty for all our future horses to run in the race.
  • Still no British trained horse has ever won.
  • I wonder how many people inadvertently backed the wrong O'Brien and have therefore been pleasantly surprised by their profit
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  • edited November 7
    Must be ‘Ashes’ inspired whingeing on here. Brilliant day, country of origin winner rarely mentioned but obviously tracked by you guys - says it all. Have seen more drunks at Ascot and down Eltham High Street in a Saturday night
  • bit of a choker for the old man, getting beaten by his son.
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