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CL's Favourite Albums. QF3: Revolver vs The Dark Side of the Moon

Album Name: Revolver
Artist: The Beatles
Release Year: 1966


Track Listing:

1. Taxman
2. Eleanor Rigby
3. I'm Only Sleeping
4. Love You To
5. Here, There and Everywhere
6. Yellow Submarine
7. She Said She Said
8. Good Day Sunshine
9. And Your Bird Can Sing
10. For No One
11. Doctor Robert
12. I Want To Tell You
13. Got To Get You Into My Life
14. Tomorrow Never Knows

Listen Here:

Album Name: The Dark Side of the Moon
Artist: Pink Floyd
Release Year: 1973


Track Listing:

1. Speak to Me
2. Breathe
3. On the Run
4. Time
5. The Great Gig in the Sky
6. Money
7. Us and Them
8. Any Colour You Like
9. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse

Listen Here:

Penultimate quarter-final. Revolver saw off The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds in the previous round, where as The Dark Side of the Moon was victorious against Rattus Norvegicus by The Stranglers.


  • Revolver by a Les Berry clearance.

    Innovative but pop. Kick started the psychedelic 60s in music that reached its nadir with the depressing DSOTM
  • I said in the last round that Revolver might win this, and it certainly won't get dumped out early due to the likes of Dark Side.

    Im too young to appreciate the slash either album made so I'm judging only on today's listen. Revolver, simply, has better songs. Revolver it is
  • Revolver for me being an old fart and remembering the impact it had on us in our fourth year at secondary modern school.
  • Dark side off me.
  • Revolver for me. Dark side of the moon is fantastic but too linked with heavy drug sessions and the sound guys at uni
  • Revolver.
  • Revolver
  • Dark side for me.
  • Revolver from here.
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  • Revolver, grew up with The Beatles, don’t think anyone can topple them.
  • For me, It's Dark Side of the Moon by a country mile. Which means it'll be a comfortable win for the Beatles. Might as well close the thread now.
  • The toughest one to date for me.

    Dark Side is an immense album and was released when I was 16 and very impressionable!

    Revolver was far more influential and is pretty much a perfect album.

    So difficult to jettison DSOTM but have to go with the fab four - just.
  • At this stage we are in difficult territory for many of us, both àlbums àre very worthy indeed, and choosing one is not to diss the other.
    There is a comment above regarding substances and Dark Side, well anybody who saw the animated fantasy adventure film Yellow Submarine will know it was also heavily substance influenced.
    Both àlbums have a richness, complexity and beauty for me, my judgement is based on reflecting on how much I re-visit both, and as a margin call which one is the most coherent 'album'.
    For me it is Dark Side of the Moon.
  • Well said Seth, both are excellent but it's a DS from me.
  • Dark Side for me but both fantastically great albums.
    I went to the V&A to see the Floyd exhibition early this month, well worth a visit.
  • I could go with either album. Revolver it is though.
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    Oooooh this is a toughie!
    Straight off the bat I would have said DSOTM, then looking at the tracks on Revolver I was reminded of how many of them were so iconic.
    I honestly can’t separate sorry, this time round I’m out.
  • Just realised......It’s Dark side of the Moon......not.... The Dark side of the Moon.
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    Just realised......It’s Dark side of the Moon......not.... The Dark side of the Moon.

    I actually considered whether to add 'The' or not. Probably gave it a little too much thought. It was listed as The Dark Side of the Moon on Spotify, Wikipedia and Rolling Stone. So I went with that.
  • I was about to type exactly the same thoughts as @SoundAsa£. I can't separate the LPs.
  • Its a no contest, Revolver smashes the university rock band out the park.
  • Revolver
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    I loved DSOTM when it came out (I was 16).

    Only discovered Revolver in the late 70s (although already knew quite a few of the tracks obviously).

    Revolver still sounds great, DSOTM less so.

    So Revolver for me.
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    Had dark side of the moon loved it and played it to death (probably more than revolver) it felt so relevant at the time.
    Now 40 odd years later time has caught up with it's original poignancy (a little).
    It never crossed my mind weather Revolver was relevant or not, it's just a cache of gems.
  • Neither are remotely my favourite by the band in question, but I guess Revolver is the better album
  • Yellow Submarine, enough said.
  • I used to love Revolver, however with exception of Tomorrow Never Knows i now find it a bit dull. In my opinion there are far better Beatles records.
    While Dark Side of the Moon might not be full of pop hits, it has a lot more depth than Revolver.

    For me it's DSOTM.
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