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Blue Planet

Wow. Just incredible tonight. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes very moving.


  • Attenborough unreal as per usual the man will make a show if he turns 100
  • If I had the gift of internal life I'd give it up and pass it to Attenborough instead.
    Future generations deserve all new documentaries to be told by the man.

  • Eternal life. Not internal.
    Edited the post straight away but for some reason it only saved as a draft
  • I think he means eternal life.

    I'd personally give it to one of my mates, who always moaning, for a laugh.

    Anyway, usual amazing telly. Loved the walruses at the end and absolutely didn't cry. Nope. Had something in my eye.
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    Documentaries like this show that animals/fish/birds can be just as disgusting as humans! I think Darwin called it correctly.
  • The walrus holding its calf in the water, as there wasn’t anywhere to rest.

    Someone needs to show this to Trump, then ask him about global warming.

    Build the Walrus.
  • Indeed, @Uboat. Just wow.
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  • Those six gill sharks look more fake than the one in Jaws
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    Last night's programme made me feel so cold that my old West Stand training kicked in and I watched it from under TWO blankets.
  • My Mrs thinks that them shark eating the whale carcass look like me cleaning the chicken bone after carving the the meat off.
  • Left wing snowflake PC nonsense.

    Tax payers money wasted on foriegn fish.

    What's wrong with British fish? Not "diverse" enough I suppose.

  • That lake within the ocean was complete madness
  • Television at it's absolute best. As others have said Attenborough really is irreplaceable.
  • Loved Jaques Custoe (sic) was always a family watch when he was on
  • I had the pleasure of working briefly with David Attenborough (sadly not on location) and can confirm that he's also a genuinely warm lovely man.
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