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VIDEO: How the fans first fought back

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Eighteen months ago I was approached by a couple of Arsenal fans making a film about the football fanzine movement. It's taken a long while to come to fruition, but it's finally available to view. It's 41 minutes long, so be warned, but I think it's a really good production whatever you make of my contribution to it. There's a rare chance to see the chaos behind the scenes at VOTV HQ - as well as glimpses of quite a few familiar faces, including several Lifers.


  • Thanks Airman. I'll watch it in bed before lights out.
  • My cameo is, thankfully, fleeting.
  • Just watched it.
    Superb Rick
  • If I had shit loads of money and owned the club,I would literally go crawling on my hands and knees to this man to run it for me.he could name his price.He might be a bit left wing or right wing I don't give a shite,but Mr airman Brown knows how to run our club and pisses on the shower of shite we have as a CEO.
  • “Out if the mouths of babes and pissheads.....” :smile:
  • Just watched it - very good. Social media may take this far and wide, but it should be on mainstream terrestrial - fewer may watch it but it has a disproportionate voice.

    What's the right balance? This film cant be seen as nostalgic for decrepit, dangerous stadia, (and it clearly isn't) but it highlights brilliantly the soullessness of grounds and clubs that are detached from their community and that are managed for value. The answer in terms of engagement and progression is probably somewhere in between, and with the right ownership, leadership and support, little old Charlton wouldn't be in a bad place.

    One thing that struck me was the level of apathy at WHU. The fanzine man was clearly a character that many related to, but how many walked past his stall without even a glance at the final game? That spoke volumes for me, and highlights why WHU aren't the club they were at the Olympic Stadium, and why The Valley has to be sacrosanct.

    Well done AB.
  • Gives a real insight into how proper fans feel about the current state of football.
    The problem is that those that run football, including the FA, don't give a toss about what we think. They will only start to listen when the money stops rolling in.
  • love the west ham bloke...... doesn't want to sit around 'fluffy' people!
  • I really enjoyed that. Actually found the West Ham blokes situation quite moving.
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  • Nug said:

    I really enjoyed that. Actually found the West Ham blokes situation quite moving.

    A geezer of the 80's, someone that the Sky fans of nowadays will never be able to relate to.
  • That was a very good, thought provoking and emotional watch.

    Very well done @Airman Brown and a huge doff of the cap to @seth plum for a great contribution.
  • Very good. One of my good friends popped up in the bit about West Ham at the beginning
  • 41 minutes of my time very well spent. Thanks @Airman Brown
  • The guys who made it put a tremendous amount of work in - even trekking down here to the coast twice. I'm really pleased for them that somebody picked it up.
  • edited October 2017
    Really enjoyed that. As well as all the Charlton based stuff, particularly enjoyed the bit in the cafe when the Spurs fan outs himself.
  • Well done to all involved, well put together.
  • Really excellent
  • Those guys have done a great job and it shows how far fan-power has come since the dark days. The punk DIY spirit lives on! Good to hear Wat Tyler again - think they did a song called Billy Bonds Claret and Blue Army back in the day.
  • That was brilliant! Thanks for sharing.
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  • Very well put together. Enjoyed it.
  • They have done a very good job here, finishing with the right piece too.
  • Late catching up on this, excellent from start to finish. As am 80's supporter makes you realise what fascinating, tragic and magic times I lived through. Thanks for sharing Rick hope it gets a wider audiance
  • Very good Rick, i really enjoyed that.
  • Just watched it. Great, great stuff.
  • A young Northstandjoe having his say towards the end
  • Well done and interesting with our chaps to the fore.

    It was interesting for me to hear the bald West Ham fanzine bloke bemoan the lack of fight from fellow fans towards keeping the ground. It surprised me at the time that there was so little resistance to the Stratford move from 'grass roots' Hammers fans.

    This documentary should receive a wider audience.
  • What a bloody great watch (even though it felt like it jumped a huge chunk from the 'then' to 'now').

    Well done @Airman Brown thought you come across excellent, as did our fans in general for at least 'having a go' at standing up for what they believe.
  • Just great. Fans achieve change just by standing up. Well done to all involved
  • Cracking bit of film that, really enjoyed it. Well done to all concerned in front of the cameras and behind them.
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